My Pilonidal Cyst came back, after six months.

Six months ago I got a pilonidal cyst for the first time. I went to the doctor and took antibiotics. They couldn't drain it because it was so small. My cyst eventually shaped up into a ball-ish form and popped. It leaked tons of puss and some blood with it, but I started feeling better instantly and had no more pain whatsoever. I forgot all about it. About 4 days ago, my cyst came back. I went to the doctor again, and prescribed me some antibiotics. Again, they didn't drain it because it was too small. It is small, but its a pain in the butt to walk and sit, literally, lol. So, I hope it shapes up into a ball and pop again like last time... but last time it took me some days. I have to get back to school so I cannot afford the wait. I heard that castor oil will speed up the process and it will pop faster. Is this true, and will it hurt/burn when I apply the castor oil? After it pops, I am going to take more care of myself... and if that doesn't help, I'm going to go get surgery.

So, please, can someone answer the questions I asked above? That would be greeeaaat.

Thanks! :)
Chances are you will eventually need surgery.

I dont know about the castor oil, I have never tried it myself.

If your cyst is small you should try and find a doc who does the 'Pit Picking' procedure. Don't have any type of excision (open/closed) surgery. Find a doctor in the 'Hall of fame' on this site and see if there is one in your area, even if there isn't... in my opinion it is worth travelling to see one, they are up on modern treatments and you will have a better outcome.

In the meantime, you could try and avoid a recurrence by keeping the area VERY clean and removing any hair from around the area that could cause problems. Use an alcohol wipe (i,e medical wipes...not baby wipes.. they often have fragrances and other additives which you do not want) during the day in between showers. If you shower in the morning use a wipe in the evening/night before bed, if you shower in evening then use a wipe in the morning. This is usually only a band-aid fix because allot of what is causing the problem is underneath the skin. The sinus opening/s needs to be removed (so that it can close) and the area cleaned out.

Be careful with how long you let this go before having surgery, the longer you leave it the worse it gets, best to have something done asap, you may be able to get away with only a Pit-Picking, I had it done 4 months ago and I have had no issues since.

Wishing you the best of luck :hug:

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search the threads for ideas... IIRC warm baths help bring it to a head.

Look into a cleft lift, so you don't have to think or worry about it any more and can get on with your life. The surgery is normally pretty easy to have and recover from, and solves the physiological condition than makes recurrence likely.