My son's cleft lift 7/31/12

Hi Lilly,
It's great to hear from you and your son's continued success! I am so, so happy for you!

We are doing good as well! If you remember, we didn't have a cleft lift, we were so uneducated back then, I thought our only option was the midline surgery. I'm not sure if you recall, but we had all those holes left after the surgery. Dr. Rosengart was so helpful-I think you are the one who pointed me to him. We managed after hourly checks to get them all closed and they have remained closed since maybe February. I never wrote down the exact day since they had closed, then opened, then closed again over and over. There still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about those terrible months. Although I have tried to stop looking at it everyday, it's so hard. I try to shave there for him at least once every 2 weeks, but as time passes, he just wants to be done. He has put his awful experience behind him. If you are reading this and are from Ohio, I would not get this procedure done here. There is a great doctor is Pittsburgh. I'd start with that. I guess the only downside is he seems to sweat a ton on his backside and sometimes that goes through his pants...not sure what to do with that, but I am reasearching it.

Again Lilly, thank you so much for your kindness, friendship and guidance!



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Joanne and Diana I am so glad to hear your boys are doing well!

Joanne I will have to add to my memory that a successful outcome can come with no drain at all! I think it is important to point out what you said-that even after the healing period that many people do say it takes awhile before that area feels really normal when sitting. I can't remember if I mentioned it but I did notice my son shifting in his seat for a few weeks. After the main healing comes a period of adjustment and yet more healing. Thank you for also reminding me to talk about the issue of deformity. People are still very worried about this, and I don't blame them. It kind of makes me angry when people on the forum brush this off by saying who's going to see it anyway? Those people are usually married-our teens are NOT. I am happy to report that I don't see any deformity either but I will never fault somebody for being concerned about it. I am so glad that you found a wonderful surgeon to work with because that is the first hurdle and sometimes it is the most difficult one!

Diana I do remember everything about your story. For whatever reason my brain is a sponge when it comes to this forum, but yeah your story did play out on this thread so there is always a record. I remember that you did start working with Dr. Rosengart and it looked like a cleft lift was going to be needed this summer. I think it's great when you can avoid more surgery. I'm so happy you were able to get the healing to happen without the cleft lift. I think Dr. Rosengart is great at helping all around and we are both so lucky to have him within driving distance of us!

Now, for all three of us let's talk about hair removal and sweating. Some believe hair removal is needed and some don't. It may be a 50/50 split I'm not sure. I think you have to decide for yourself. I have tried to follow my sugeon's advice which like you both is to remove hair. Like your son Joanne my son does not want permanent hair removal at this point. That leaves us with a few options-none great. Dr. Rosengart felt the cream was a good option. We tried it once reluctantly but it made his butt angry. Doctor said stop using it. Now we may have used too much or whatever but we didn't try it again. For some time we used a trimmer. It seemed to work fine but still not easy to keep up with. At this point we have not done any hair removal in awhile. I figure with the anniversay it will be a good time to talk about it and see what we feel is possible for the future.

Sweating! That is another common problem our boys share. Joanne your son sounds very accomodating. Our surgeon also said a piece of gauze in the crack daily would not be a bad idea. That never happened. My son was DONE talking about gauze once he healed. Diana did Dr. Rosengart suggest gauze in the crack to you? I wish I knew of something more you could do. My son was using a prescription deodorant for his under arms but that wouldn't help you. I will keep my ears open.

I think that's it for right now. I am just so happy to hear from both of you and to hear your boys are well!:)
Haha, yep we are done with gauze as well. He wants nothing to do with it :) Dr. Rosengart suggested it, but honestly it didn't help enough to continue. We have a perscription deodorant as well, but him using that worries me, especially since he plays so many sports. If you hear of anything, please do let me know and I'll do the same! Take care!
Anti-monkey butt powder is AMAZING (really, that's it's name). You can get it at walmart/a pharmacy. It's made to go on your backside...absorbs moisture and reduces friction- perfect combo :)
Good morning Kay C, thank you so much for the suggestion! I will be heading out to the pharmacy this morning to try this before school starts! I appreciate the post!


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Kay! Hi! I've been thinking about you lately, I'm glad to hear from you. Yeah, I woke up, saw your post, and I am heading to Walmart! Seems like Joanne and Diana beat me here ((waving to above posts)). Kay I want to come back and talk to you about how you're doing.

For now LADIES LET'S GO GET OUR MONKEY BUTT POWDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is probably the strangest thing I've ever said! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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What's funny Kay is that when I opened your post the first thing I saw was monkey butt. I thought UH-OH this is going to be derogatory- as in YOU ARE A BIG FAT MONKEY BUTT! Anyway, I amused myself with that for awhile. It's not everday that you see a post that includes the words monkey butt! I did go and get the powder and presented it to my son who also got a laugh. I really like that it infuses humor about the whole thing. I'll report back how we do with it.

So talking to Diana about her son and how Dr. Rosengart was helping him heal from a surgery performed by a different surgeon made me think of you Kay. You were in the same spot last I heard. I understand if you don't want to post an update, because it does get annoying having to keep talking about it, but I would love to hear from you. As time goes on I am stopping in here less often and I don't want to miss it if you post an update.

I'm figuring I will try to continue to stop in from time to time but there are a group of new faces here to continue the conversation about cleft lift so this old dog can take a little rest. There are at least 2 or 3 people who just had a cleft lift and 3 lovely moms who are new members and planning cleft lift for their teens. It seems like the surgery is catching on and spreading everyday- and I really can't ask anymore than that.:)


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Oh I didn't mean for that to sound like a dramatic exit or anything. I'll be around just maybe not everyday. If I can be of any help in the in between people can just ask on this thread and it will go to my email. Anyway yeah I'm not going to abandon ship.:D
Glad to hear it - I may need some hand holding next week!
Liberty & all- let me know what you guys think! I saw this stuff in a horse magazine before my pilonidal stuff started and thought "what? they make THAT?!" but now i understand how fabulous it is :).

Hi Lilly!! :D It's been a while! I'm sitting here laughing at my computer screen re: monkey butt misinterpretation, my family probably thinks i'm nuts!

Diana your son's story is pretty much identical to mine! My mom & I were also uneducated, listened to what the (not cleft lift) surgeon said & i had a combo of open & closed excisions...long story short left with some unhealing wounds for over a year. I went to see Dr R back in February for a cleft lift consult -- i had 2 unhealed wounds at that point. He advised the rolled gauze & told me i could resume all normal activities (including horseback riding!).

I'd be happy to post an update! I don't check this forum like I did when I had active issues (and i don't get email notifications all the time either from the forum, oddly.)
So I now only have 1 wound which is pretty small & ridiculously close to being closed & have been living my life normally. I still stick the gauze back there and use my monkey butt when i exercise/ride-- it's been really humid where I live and the gauze will get really nasty/break down if it gets too saturated...i don't have that problem when i use monkey butt w/the gauze which is really fascinating haha :p

I also work at a horse farm now ( i can't remember if i said that on the boards last time i popped in) but that involves lots of heavy lifting of buckets of manure and everything is holding strong. I went to a conference a couple weeks ago which involved a 3 hour flight and sitting through talks all day on terrible chairs all week and i had absolutely no discomfort!

I'm starting a grad course in a few weeks & am looking for grad schools for next fall... i feel like I'm finally getting my life back fully. I'm SO close :)


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Kay it really sounds like things are coming together for you! Whenever someone isn't around for a bit I am always hoping that they have completely healed and have begun to forget about all this mess. Most of you are around my kid's age-maybe a bit older-my oldest is 20- so I have kind of a mom feeling for you and I am always hoping for the best for you. It must be so much fun for you working on a horse farm (minus the manure). I'm so glad to hear you are doing what you love. Grad school will be so much fun too (lol)- but well worth it. I really hope that last tiny part of your wound closes up so you can put this all behind you. You've served your time you really deserve to be done with this!
Thank you so much-- I'm so ready to move forward and forget about this whole ordeal! I feel like you & Jaredsmom have been mother-figures to me (and others!) on this forum -- you have been so insightful & supportive. I'm sure I speak for many when I say your presence here is truly appreciated!

Let me know what you all think of the monkey butt powder too -- I was going to post a thread about it before I disappear off the forum for a while, but figured I'd get some more feedback first.


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Yeah I think us pilo moms are kinda like a little club. Once you have your own pilo kid you can't help but care about all pilo kids.

I don't actually have a monkey butt update yet. My kid sure has a mind of his own. I don't mean that in a bad way because he is a very easy child, but he likes things on his own terms. So, he hasn't tried it out yet. I left it in his bathroom. Next I will use a bit of mom trickery. I will tell him I need him to try it out so I can let people know on the forum. I think that will do it. He does care about what happens on the forum-so maybe soon I'll have an update.:)
Hi all, just a short post to say I haven't received the monkey butt powder yet so I have no news to report. It's not available in Australia over the counter so still waiting....will post back when we give it a go. Lilly, what you said about pill mums is so true. I soooo feel for each and every person and their families who have this issue. I just hope that more and more surgeons and GPs learn about the cleft lift procedure and save people from years of agony.

Kay, my son had a very small wound for a little while. His surgeon gave him some antibacterial ointment (normally used for conjunctivitis). It worked really well and the wound healed. Not sure if it would've healed in time anyway but perhaps worth asking about. Good luck with everything!

Cheers for now, Joanne
Hi Kay, you're in luck! I still have the tube. It's called Chlorsig 1%. It's an eye ointment. A topical antibiotic preparation for treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis. It contains CHLORAMPHENICOL 10 mg/g. In Australia it's a pharmacist only medication. The doctor prescribed it for the small wound left after the cleft lift surgery. I hope it helps you! Best wishes, Joanne.
Sorry for the delayed response, I just wandered on here and saw your post -- my email never tells me when people post on here haha.

Thank you I will look into that!