My sons surgery story 1/27/2011

Well we are thinking of doing home bound now. He tried to go to school and has had a very hard time. He is in so much pain and the only way to not be in pain is to take lots of pain meds which of course doesnt work at school. The whole issue is sitting for so long..its just not working...wish us luck :(
Also..I feel like this is consuming our whole family. It might sound wierd but when Im at work I can "smell" his wound all day. Its all I think about, I worry that this will never heal or that it will come back and he will have to go through this all over again..I couldnt imagine doing this all over and its only been 2 weeks!


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I know what you mean, this thing has such an impact, not just on the sufferer but on the whole family. Just remember, the surgery was the start of better times. Don't let it haunt you - the surgery is a gift not a curse. I discovered many friends had this condition once I told them about mine, and none of them have had it come back since the surgery. Stories here from unlucky people are not representative of what happens for most people. I guess those that were truly cured just want to put it behind themselves, no pun intended!
Texasmom, I completely understand how this condition and ultimately the surgery impacts your entire family. That is precisely the issue I am struggling with as I consider surgery for myself. I work at a desk job, I have no short term disability insurance, I have an 18 month old son and a 4 year old daughter at home and I will need to lean on my wife very heavily for my post operative care. The idea of disrupting everyone's lives for a month or more post op just kills me. Thankfully my employer is willing to be flexible with me by allowing me to work from home after my vacation runs out but I'm still not sure how I'm going to get any work done at home while recuperating.

I'm inclined to agree with Hound above that the surgery is the 'start of better times.' I wish your son and your entire family speedy healing and a quick return to normalcy.
Well from what I have read every situation is different Or course depending on the type of surgery you have and the size of the wound. My sons was pretty large so I guess thats why he is struggling so much. Tomorrow he will be 3 weeks post op and he is able to sit for short periods with little to no pain, although sitting all day through school we quickly realized wasnt an option. He is doing homebound that started this week and he is set to go back to school on March 21 which will be 8 weeks after. I had no idea what I was in for going into this situation until we got home and took off the bandages. Even my husband had a really hard time the first few times of bandage changes and I dont think there would be anyway I could have done it but I guess you do what you have to do. I understand what your saying about not getting any work done because the school also sent work home for him but he was on vicodan so of course he didnt get much done. I agree also it is def the start of better times and I cant imagine the people that just live with it although I know it can always come back. Good luck with your decision and yoor lucky to get all the helpful info and advice beforehand from this site. The people here are great!


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I also figure that the location of the sinus has a lot to do with healing times, as well as how efficient our bodies are at healing themselves. There are so many variables. My sinus was higher up than my surgeon normally sees, which he said would make healing a lot easier for me than most patients.

My other half is exhausted, although I am mobile and washing dishes etc there are so many simple things I have needed help with, like getting a carton of juice out of the fridge, plugging my cellphone in to charge, little things we take for granted every day. Then there is the toll of the worry on loved ones, it is easy to forget that surgery is a mental trauma for the whole family, not just the patient.

But it is worth it. I would not change my decision, living with it isn't a patch on the chance of living without it!
My sons sinus was high also so hopefully it will heal fast too although I dont have lots of faith in what this doctor says. He wanted him to go back to school 4 days later and he still acts like its no big deal so idk?? Your so right about it being a mental trauma for the family but on a positive note I have to say all four of us were wrapped up in our own little lives and what we had going on so now to focus only on this a wierd way..been nice. We have all been hanging out so much more and since my son who usually spent every minute since he was 5 with a ball in his hands with his friends is home every night and excited about movie night with the fam I have to be thankful for this small silver lining. Hopefully you both get better really quick and never have to deal with this again!!
Just read your story. I cannot believe the attitude of the doctor. I really hope this is the end of it, for both your son and your family.


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What a dumbass doctor. I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but this is why it's really a good idea to get a good doctor and do the research before making a decision on what surgery to have.
What a dumbass doctor. I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but this is why it's really a good idea to get a good doctor and do the research before making a decision on what surgery to have.
No, I definitely agree with you. The googling I've done over the years is one of the upshots of my procrastination over getting treatment. There are so many options out there surgery-wise, and now I'm probably better informed than most doctors.
I agree with you guys totally. Def do your research! I cant totally blame the doc, I just didnt realize.It was so little time from when we found out to his surgery that I didnt know my options. He was upfront with me how it all would go but I guess it was just more the "way" he told me and him saying he could go right back to school, I thought big deal..right?? Anyway..I can def see his wound getting much smaller now. I would say about 1/2 smaller which still leaves a big hole but not quite as bad. He actually was out this weekend playing basketball with his friends! He still has trouble sitting for very long but he doesnt take any pain meds now at all so thats good. Its just a slow process but I think we are getting there :)
We are seeing the doc every two weeks now instead of every week. He was very happy with the wound this last time and actually said it was the cleanest wound he had ever seen lol A month later and its still bleeding a good bit. We change the packing every 12 hours and it def needs it! He is doing much better though. I still cant really see the end of this yet since its still so large but I know it will be here sooner or later.


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This is great news, you must be doing a sterling job of looking after him. You need to win the mum of the month award :)
Your story sounds JUST like my 15 year old son's. He waited 2 months to tell me about his leaking and his wound was very deep and his dr said it was the worst case he has seen. He had an closed excision but part of it opened up so I am packing about a 1x1 inch area with Mesalt and the top is a tiny tiny opening that I am putting Medihoney in. I am giving him protein shakes every day and making him take vitamins. He had his surgery during xmas break so he had a full 3 weeks to heal but really struggled the first week or two back. Poor kid. His dr is in Plano and has been GREAT. I am hopeful both our kiddos heal up soon!
My son will go back to school 8 weeks after, he tried to go back right away but it ust was too hard and he kept having to go home mid day so now he does Home bound where the teacher comes to our house. This whole thing hd a great impact on all of us but I know we will all get through it and hopefully never have to deal with this again! I hope your son gets better soon!