My sons surgery story 1/27/2011


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No nicotine is not the problem, it slightly restricts blood flow but increases heart rate. Other chemicals in tobacco smoke are the problem. Nicotine is one of the least harmful things in cigarette smoke, and has even been shown to stimulate tissue growth. Get her on other sources of nicotine if giving it up is not on the cards. There are lots of much safer ways to sustain the addiction.
Last night I noticed where the wound had healed at the top it has a small crack right down from the top of the wound where it was all healed down to the opening.Hopefully its not going to open now..ugh
Without seeing the wound, I'm not sure but it sounds like what happened with our daughter's wound. There were a couple of times (actually 3-4 times) when her wound still had a little bit to go in closing, and the wound (at the bottom) where it had already closed, opened up just slightly ( just a crack like you said). We used multidex on this, and each time it happened it closed back rather quickly (a day or so) after using the multidex. I put it on with a q-tip and just covered it with the 4x4 gauze after I packed the rest.

We ordered the multidex over the internet. BTW it was the gel form; they also have a powder form of this product. You might check into it...wouldn't hurt.
He seems to be ok..he has been so busy ,he goes to school and then stays after for tutoring for the time he had been out and then goes to work. Other then that he seems to be getting back to normal, he is really involved in sports and has been getting back to playing basketball so thats good to see.
ok nso I have to tell you the wound does seem to be actually skining down the sides and not filling up anymore which is not what I expected but it is what the doc told me what would happen...wierd??
This definitely is odd that it is not filling in anymore. I know I mentioned it to you before, but maybe it just needs to be stimulated to get it going again on the granulating and forming new tissue. This is exactly what my daughter's doctor did when hers seemed to come to a standstill, and it worked. Just a reminder on how the doctor did this...she roughed up the inside of the wound with a long q-tip type thing and got it to bleeding. I know this sounds bad, but she assured me that it wasn't; she explained that getting it to bleed would help to stimulate the tissue to start forming again. All I know is that it worked - thank the good Lord above!

Out of curiosity, how deep would you say his wound still is? Is he doing okay since he's gone back to school?
I dont get how you guys send your children to school.
I had open wound surgery and im 17.
I feel like i wanna be home 2months.
1) i hate school
2) its emerressing
3) what if i fight?

And dont they sit at school? I had surgery 23rd ,1week now.
And i cant sit, not even close the pain kills me.
My son was out of school for about 6 weeks after surgery but everyone is diff. At first I thought he would be able to go but we quickly realized this was not an option. I know others on this site have not had a problem though, it just varies. Good luck toyou, you will get through all this!


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Personally I don't think it's a good idea to start start playing doctor. If you so something wrong you could potentially make things worse.
Honestly, I would not feel comfortable in suggesting you do it yourself. We had a doctor who actually listened when we brought advice that we learned from the pilonidal forum, but in the end we adhered to the doctor's advice. Maybe you could mention this particular procedure to your son's doctor, and let him know it worked for another pilonidal patient when the healing seemed to come to a standstill. I'm not saying we were the ones who suggested this procedure; the doctor just did this herself. What I am saying though is that your son's doctor might be open to something you would like to try, since you know it was successful for someone else. I know the procedure sounds so innocent, but you don't want to damage the tissue by somehow doing it wrong yourself. I know I'm not a doctor, but my gut says this is all his wound needs - stimulated into forming/granulating new tissue again.

Is your son scheduled to go back to the doctor soon? I would love to hear back from you to see if your son's doctor was willing to try this. Most of all, I know you and your son want see this thing closed.

Just so you know, I check on the forum quite often, and I always keep an eye out on your thread to see if you've posted. I'm looking forward to the day you get on here and say your son's wound has completely closed. I'll continue to keep you and your son in my prayers.
He goes back to the doc on April 15th so I will suggest it then. It doesnt seem to be filling in anymore and it is skinning some down the sides but not much change and it does seem to have stopped healing to I would love it it if we could do something to jump start the healing. We are going to Austin at the end of April so O am hoping to have it healed closed by then but we all know these things sometimes have other "plans"! Thank you momof 3 for your kind words, I will def be so happy for the day this awful thing closes!
Maybe you could call the office and explain to them that his wound has seemed to stop granulating and forming new tissue and you would like the doctor to check it out. You just hate to see almost two more weeks of lost time in the healing process when his wound could be jump started if the doctor is willing to try it. I know it's not the soul reason to try, but since you have a trip at the end of the month if the doctor would get him in sooner and be willing to try this, it would up the chances of it being closed by the end of the month. It's just a thought.

How deep would you say the wound still is - just curious to see how close the wound is to closing? My daughter's was about 3/4" - 1" deep when this happened with her.
its about and 1 inch long and about 3/4" deep I would say as of now. I think I will try to cll the doc on Monday and mention the idea although he doesnt seem to excited to try anything to speed it up an djust keeps telling me to be patient. One time I told him I was going to perform an exam on him next and see how patient he was with it! LOL
You know, if your doctor isn't willing to give this a shot, maybe you should check into the multidex. I know I mentioned this to you before about using it on my daughter when her wound had split a few times at the bottom where it had already healed. What we originally used it for was the inside of her wound had created a tunnel at the bottom of her wound. It was created due to the way the new tissue was forming, so we read up on the multidex and saw how it was supposed to help promote new tissue growth. When I repacked her wound I would place just a small amount down in the tunnel and push a bit of the gauze down in the tunnel so it wouldn't bridge and create a pocket. It ended up closing the tunnel.

I'm rambling a bit, but as I said, the multidex promotes granulation/getting new tissue to form. I was not using this at the time her wound seemed to come to a standstill, since all I was using it for was to try and get the tunnel to close up. The doctor ended up doing her "thing" to stimulate it again, so we didn't really need to resort back to the multidex. Hopefully, you doctor will try this, but if not, maybe this could be PLAN B.

If it's one thing open excisions do is that it forces patience on a person, and that is certainly something I don't have. I felt like I couldn't let my hair down until my daughter's wound was closed; it was constantly at the forefront of my mind even at the points I was being positive and upbeat about the whole thing. Maybe if the tables were turned, doctors would have a better understanding what this pilonidal nightmare is all about.

Keep us posted on what happens.
I will! Thank ou for all of your great advice! Sometimes Im just scared to try anything because what if it doesnt work or it makes it worse..I dont know...