My sons surgery story 1/27/2011


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Is it worth going to a local wound care centre for an opinion? I have heard a few different ideas to kick start healing once it slows, but I agree it is best done by or on recommendation from a medical professional. Would be good to hear what a different doctor has to say once they see the wound, healing seems to be a whole area of medicine on it's own.
I'm 2 weeks post op and my doctor sent me to a wound care center in Dallas. Maybe your doctor could refer you to a wound care center? I hope your son gets healed up quick.


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Hehe great minds think alike, freaky!
anything is an option at this point! Its just between school and work and everything else makin time for it but I have been lookin into it.Maybe I can figure something out this week!


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Sending wound-closing thoughts x
Hound and mike2011 is exactly right. I should have explained better that I first learned about the multidex from a much older thread (from the pilonidal forums) from several years ago (maybe 3-4 years ago) by a mom whose son was having trouble with his wound healing/closing. She said that she was taking her son to a wound care center and the multidex is what they used for him.

Also, after I reread what I had written, I realized it sounded like I was suggesting you do the multidex without your doctor being advised. What I should've conveyed better was that I was suggesting you mention this product to him at the next appt. if he doesn't want to try and stimulate with the "q-tip" (not sure of proper term). This is what we did with our daughter's doctor after we had read up on it. She was fine with us trying it. Of course, I realize some doctors aren't open to suggestions "we" might have. In fact, most aren't. She was really neat though... she even went in to explain to us that there could be a room full of doctors, and each one might have a different opinion on how to deal with a certain issue that a patient is having. There's just different roads that can lead to the same end. Hopefully, he'll be open to try something a little different than he's used to. BUT, if he doesn't, Hound and mike2011 are exactly right - my next move would be to try out a wound care center.

BTW if you want to try and learn more about the multidex from other people and their experiences with the use of this product, I think you can type in multidex and bring up different threads that concerns this particular topic.
It is frustrating to keep bleeding. I got mine out on Friday and every time I try to sit I bleed like crazy. Might have to try a good old Rambo cauterization.


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It would be so much easier if they just put bathroom caulk over the wound!
How is your son doing?
Can he go to school yet?
Explain plz what he does daily, wanna know if he know do like he used too. :)
Im worried about school since its like 6hours sit.
2hours lessons 10min break.
Atm i cant even sit, but hopefully in some week i will be able to.

I dont think ill be able to sit that long, i hope my doctor give me 2month to be home.
He is doing good and yes he is back to school. He does everything he used to do including play sports and has an afterschool job. His wound is still open but he never mentions it and I think he has just gotten used to it and I really dont think it bothers him much but we are looking forward to the day it closes! At first it was very difficult but it gets easier, I promise! Good luck to you as well!
Sorry for asking so many questions but im really wondering exactly how long did it take till he went to school?
Also, how did he sit for so many hours didnt it hurt?

It was about 2 months I think, around there and I would say about a month to be able to sit with no pain. We go back to the doc on Friday so he said we would see what lternate things we could try then. The wound does seem to have started to heal again but slowly and it still skinning down the sides so I dont know what is going on...smh
To bad me and your son didn't have the chance to get cleft lift :p
Also im healing but havent seen my wound or dont know if im healing good.

Sick healing method period..
I will not go to school untill i can sit perfectly etc, emberressing in school.
Yes the healing time sucks with this but hopefully there will be an end to it eventually for you. It does get easier, my son thought he would never go back to school with this and with time when it got better he was able to go but I undetstand how you feel. It wasnt an option at all in the beginning. He tried to go back just a few days after surgery and that was a huge mistake but I guess he had to see for himself if he could not handle it. I know some of the kids on here didnt have a problem but everyone is different so just be patient and you will be okay :)
Nice, thanks for letting me know! :)

Im also a guy who hates school, school is not for everyone.
Im one of those guys, but i will be home till 28april, than ill visit my surgeon and i might get more time off, depends how big my wound is I guess, :p

Take care texasmom! :)
We noticed a little pocket today forming at the bottom of the wound today. I know sometimes it can look one way sometimes and totally another way another time so not sure if this anything to worry about. I have noticed a wierd smell as well. Not a bad smell, just a certain smell, I dont know how to explain it. He is saying just recently that it is bothering him which is odd so I can only hope that it is because it is healing....right??