My surgery today 3-18-2011

So I'm literally on my way home posting from my iPhone. I had excison with open healin. I'm gonna have mY mother pack the wound. The doc said packing it one time a day would be sufficient.


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Cool Mike, hope you are comfortable and the procedure went well, do keep us updated on your progress.
Yes that is what he told my mother, also he said if its looking good after 2 weeks he will send me to a wound care center.

Also any tips for her to pack the wound? The doc and nurses explained to her but I was still out. Just want any help possible to make sure it gets packed right. Ive lived with this thing for 5 years without surgery. Thanks for all your help.
Packed the wound today pulling the gauze out was quite painful. I ended up standing in front of the shower head to let it soak so my mother could pull out the packing. (there was a bunch of it). I then stood under the shower head for about 10 min. Then my mother used a q tip to back the gauze into the wound. She unfolded the gauze and was able to get 3 4x4 gauze in there. Does that sound like to much?
This is exactly how I packed my daughter's wound (using a q-tip). By using a q-tip, this helps to easily work the 4x4 in the wound more easily. I'm not sure how big your wound is, but three 4x4s does sound like a lot. My daughter's wound was rather large (3.5"long, 2.5"wide, 2.5"deep), and I only use one 4x4. How big would you say your wound is? You don't want to pack the gauze in really tight, but you don't want it to be too loose either. As the wound got smaller, I would cut the 4x4 down.

I would wet the gauze with saline solution (not too wet) while it was still folded, wring it out a little and then shake it all the way loose to work it in the wound. Be careful not the let the fuzzy tip touch the inside of the wound; you don't want any debris getting the wound. Also, use a flashlight to inspect each time before repacking to check it for little tiny hairs that may have gotten in the wound. This happened a couple of times after my daughter showered, and I used sanitized tweezers to get it out. I got saline solution in a spray can at the pharmacy to spray in the wound to clean it out really good before repacking it. She would just stand in the shower while I did this.

I will say though, I changed the packing twice a day (morning and evening). After all my reasearch, I found that it was recommended twice daily and three if you could. Since she was in school, there was no way three times was going to happen. If your doctor said once a day and you're comfortable with that, then that's what I would do. Personally, I liked doing it twice a day, especially since it was her 2nd surgery. I hadn't done any research the first time around, and the wound center used a different type of packing that was supposed to be changed every 3 days. It (aquacel) was supposed to make the wound heal faster, but in the end, her wound did not heal correctly. Therefore, surgery #2!! I figured I better do a little research since we had to do it again, and I told the doctor I didn't want to use aquacel. She was fine with us choosing to stick with gauze. Obviously, it was a slower process, but we just wanted it to be right this time. Well, nine weeks and two days later it was healed. That was 12/31/10, and so far so good.

Hope things go well for you! If I didn't explain things well, or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you didn't mind my asking, it would be nice to know how big the wound is; this might help in knowing about the amount of gauze you're using.
I also forgot something that may help you. I had my daughter take a pain pill in the beginning about half hour before I changed the packing. This really helped her with the pain when I changed it. She only needed to do this for about 10 - 12 days. After a while, she didn't need to take any meds for the packing changes.

Also, I didn't mention to put another 4x4 over the wound after it's packed, and tape it down. We ended up using a cloth-like medical tape that seemed to work best for her. The first type we used seemed to irritate her.

Again, hope this helps.
I will have my mother tell me tomorrow, because I haven't looked at the wound. I just glanced at it in the mirror and couldn't stand looking at it. I know the upper part of the would is fairly large I guess, then is goes down lower and it is alot more narrow. maybe 2 inches long. we put the packing in dry and only once today. will start doing 2 times daily tomorrow. I just want this thing to heal I have had this untreaded for 5 years. I just wanna make sure she is packing it right. Like I said she just unfolded them and packed them in. it hurt pulling the old packing out even when wet. when the new packing was inserted it was not very painful
I’m not sure what they told your mom at the hospital about the packing, but I was given instructions referred to as wet to dry packing…meaning wet the gauze with saline solution (not too wet) then cover with a dry gauze to cover it. Weeeeeeell, since I’m not a nurse but obviously should have asked questions to understand better what they meant, I put the gauze in dry for the first day which seemed to stick a little to the inside of the wound. It was the next day that I had a very hard time getting the gauze to come out; the gauze was stuck to the inside of the wound like glue. I had no idea what to do; she was in excruciating pain every time I tried to tugged on the gauze to get it out. I even tried to wet it a little, but it was not coming. I ended up having to take her to our regular doctor to help us get the packing out. They thoroughly explained how to pack the wound. They even showed me exactly what to do. After a while, I became a pro at it. I would be surprised if they wanted it to be packed with dry gauze. I would seriously hate to see somebody else go through such needless pain. There's already enough of that the first few days anyway. Also, don't forget to take a pain pill about a half hour before a packing change.
Like I said before you don’t want to pack it too tightly. Let’s just say, I didn’t push and prod to get it in the wound. I just worked it down in the wound until it completely filled it all the way to the top.
Let me know how it’s going! I’ll be praying for you!!
We packed it with 2 gauze today. I ran shower head on the wound so the old gauze was not stuck to bad. I then ran the shower head on the wound for 10 minutes. Patted the wound dry and then put in dry guaze again. Since the would was still a lil damp is it ok to use dry guaze? Also what kinda saline solution do u recomend?
The saline solution is what keeps the wound wet and sterile. I would still recommend wetting the gauze with saline. There are different brands but we used the CVS Saline Wash Solution. It's specifically for wounds and can be found in the First-Aid section.
Yes, that's what I used for my daughter. Wad up the gauze, lightly spray the saline on, and gently squeeze the gauze to get rid of excess solution. Then unfold the gauze and place in the wound. Hope this helps!
Ok gonna put some on the guaze tomorrow. Tonight we just sprayed some on the guaze then patted the wound with it. Then we put the normal dry guaze in. (will that be ok for tonight?) tomorrow we are gonna do as you say. Thanks so much for all your help.
That should be just fine for tonight. If you happen to have trouble tomorrow getting it out, you can spray some of the saline solution on it and let it soak like you did with the water before. You could also just use the water like you had before.

I'm very glad to be able to help you - just paying forward what plenty of people did for us on these forums.
I just hope and pray your wound heals correctly, and I know nobody wants that more than you do!!!

Let us know how things go with you.