My surgery today 3-18-2011

I have to tell you, I was apalled when I saw my daughter's wound after her 2nd surgery. The doctor told us it would be bigger, but I sure wasn't expecting that. The funny part is I used to come close to passing out at the sight of blood and I couldn't hardly look at things such as that without getting sick. Well, I laughed after all this was said and done. I tell people it was like therapy for me, because it doesn't bother me now. It didn't take me long to get use to it; I just did what I had to do. I knew my daughter needed me, and that's what we do for our kids - the things we thought we never could or would ever be able to do.

My daughter realized this wound was much larger than the first, so she wouldn't look at it. This is another idea for you and your mom. I know you might not be keen on the idea of someone taking a picture of your rearend, but I wanted to track her healing process from one week to the next. I took a picture of her wound weekly, so we would be able to see how it was coming along. I assurred her no else would see them, and I wanted to keep them in the file we had made up with all the doctor bills that rolled in from this whole ordeal. She told me she would look at all the pictures I had taken after she had completely healed. Honestly, I think she was shocked at how big it was. She was amazed at how far she had come!! I don't know - just a thought. BTW it was a digital camer and we have our own printer here, so noone else had to see the pictures.

Yes, so be very thankful for your mom. I think it's neat to hear you express your appreciation for her.
Yeah I'm so thankful for my parents, I haven't been able to work in a while because of this I lived with it from 22 to 27 bleeding and leaking puss. I'm glad I finally went trough surgery. I'm praying it heals
I called my surgeon today and asked them to ask surgeon a few questions. They called me back a few hours later and they said not to use saline solution. :( I'm totally lost now
What?? I'm totally lost too since this is what my daughter's doctor and wound care center both told us to use. I've also seen it recommended by others on this site.

I apologize since I've caused you confusion! I'm completely at a loss as to why your doctor would tell you not to use this. Sorry
Did they give you a reason as to why you shouldn't use the saline solution. I'm just trying to understand their reasoning. Unbelievable. It's just frustrating when you're trying to help someone and give them advice with what you've learned from the same experience so it will help make the process a little easier for them. I feel like all I've done is cause you frustration.
You have done good, I made apointment with him on Friday. I didn't talk directly with surgeon today he just relayed the message to his nurse. They said to change packing one time a day and no saline solution. I hope this all works out. It's getting me so stressed. I'll let u know what happens on Friday
I have no doubt you're stressed; one person telling you one thing and the doctor telling you another. There is much on here I will not comment on, because I'm certainly not a doctor or a professional. BUT if it's something I'm certain about based on our experience and what we learned from the doctors/nurses through our ordeal, that's definitely when I try to give some input to help people along. That's how we got through it with our daughter. I will say though, we had our own stressful/trying times. I thought the nightmare would never end, but it does. Actually, my daughter (15 at the time) handled it much better than I did, and here she was the one running around with the wound! We dealt with that from July to the end of Dec. last year. This included a lancing and two surgeries (both open excisions).

Again, I'm sorry for this confusion. I certainly didn't want to make things harder on you - that's the last thing you need...UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Yes, please let me know what he says Friday. I'm very curious!
You haven't made anything confusing l, you have done good. I will defiantly let you know what surgeon says. He is going to send me to a wound center after 2 weeks. So maybe they will request me to change it more


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You know, each surgeon and nurse can have different ideas on how to care for your wound, it does not mean one is wrong and one is right, they give advice based on theri own experience of what works for their patients. With wounds, some online sources say keep them bone dry and some say keep them wet, I bet they both heal!

Just checking in to see what your doctor said yesterday about using saline in your wound. Hope everything is going well for you!

BTW, concerning your question about when to notice the wound getting smaller from healing...this depends on each individual person. Some people heal more quickly than others, while for others the healing process is rather slow. This depends on many factors such as how healthy a person is, their protein and water intake if they're taking the proper vitamins, and if they're eating healthy in general. So I can only speak for what I noticed with my daughter, but I noticed about 7-10 days after her surgery that her wound began filling in with new tissue. She had a long way to go though, so I wouln't say it was noticing it getting smaller at that point; it was just beginning to fill in with the new tissue. Her wound was about half the size that it started out at about the 4th or 5th week, and it took her a total of nine weeks and two days to heal completely closed.

Again, hope you're doing good.
Mike hav been following your thread hope you are managing to cope with your dressings can't imagine why the surgeon has said no to saline my daughter has always used it to clean her wound at home and in hospital. I used to be a nurse too so can't imagine from that experience why it is not recommended. Years ago there was some research done which said that salt baths lowered the temperature of wounds and delayed healing but ready made saline is a constant strength and you are not immersed in it. I would imagine pulling out a sticking pack would do more damage to granulating tissue than a drop of saline. Hope you are beginning to heal. Look after yourself the minute you overdo it or don't eat and drink properly your body will object by slowing down healing. Be kind, lots of rest, protein, fluids and gentle walks if you can tolerate will aid healing. Good luck x
I'm not sure his exact reasoning. However it may be do to the fact he will be sending me to a wound center and I'm sure they will have their own instructions for my wound care right? Is it a good thing I will be going to a wound care center?

I went to a one week post op apointment with surgeon and he said our packing was good but on the lower part of my wound (the part closet to my anus) needed to be back a lil deeper in just that area. I will make an appointment with wound care on Monday.
Yes would imagine wound care centre will have more experience of wound healing so its definately a good thing. Showers are good too. Its hard to know whats right with packing if its too much it can slow healing but too little can mean the wound heals unevenly and empty pockets can form leaving a risk of infection. You are the best judge of how comfortable it is my daughter felt uncomfortable if the nurses didn't pack it enough. Hope all continues well for you x


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The only thing about showering I would watch out for is when you rinse other parts of your body, try to avoid the soapy run off going into the wound if you can. You shed hairs large and small every day from all over your body and if any get into the wound and stick in there, tissue will surround them and you will in time get a foreign body reaction and start the whole nightmare again. This is one of the reasons for recurrences. hairs cannot be broken down within the body and stay there for life. So rinsing the wound of any possible debris is great, if you can detach the shower head so the water isn't running down your back first then that is the best plan so you are rinsing it out, not rinsing things into it, just not on jet high pressure setting :)
I figured soaking in the bath would be worse for getting hair in there. I've been letting the shower run on the wound only for the most part. I really really hope I have not got any hair in there. I'm scared now


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No need to be scared, if the water flows in and out then you should be ok, just some tips here for you. My surgeon sent some of the hair he found in pilos off for testing and all of the hair in them came from the back of the head. Some surgeons recommend baths, mine says absolutely not, just thorough rinsing in a shower. Even with the latest treatments and care some people get a recurrence and some do not, I think there is still a lot to learn about our condition. All we can do for now is share ideas with one another, to try and beat this thing. Remember some hair on the body is barely visible to the human eye, there is only so practical you can be in caring for the wound. Do your best and it puts you in good stead for the future.