My surgery today 3-18-2011

My shower head is detachable. I've been running the shower head mostly on the wound, then before I get out I bring the shower head closer to the wound. Part of my wound is between the cheeks so I'm hoping nothing has got in there.

Did u say your surgeon said no bath? Or no shower?


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Mine said no baths, I had a closed surgery but the wound partly opened. I think he was more concerned about bath water getting in to the opening and not easily coming out, but that is a guess. It stands to reason to my non medical mind that sitting in your own dirty bath water might not be a great idea, although I can see the idea around a clean stand alone sitz bath being different.
I'll start going to a wound care center on Monday. I hope everything goes well. Thank everyone for your replies. I hope they have had a bit of experience in pilonidals
Also I have had the shower head on full blast while it is attached up top (I hope that has not damaged the wound). the wound burns for a a minute or so then the pain goes away. I do however turn the pressure down when I move the shower head closer.

Also I should shower the wound everday, correct?
There are many will I, won't I decisions to be made in the process of fighting this disease. I know that if my daughter wasn't able to shower regularly she would feel so uncomfortable about herself and this would impact as much as having the pilo does. When I do her dressing after her shower I always irrigate with normal saline and use a swab to "dry" out any residue. I hope this has prevented any debris getting in the wound. With a healing span of three or four months she'd go stir crazy not being able to shower. You have to still find a quality of life when coping with your pilo and weigh up the pros and cons of each situation. Happy showering!!
Went to wound care center today and they are gonna send me home with wound vac on friday. Anyone heard of that used with open healin excisions.

Also they did not pack my wound with guaze today, they used some foam/cusion style packing stuff with silver in it . They also said I should not of been running shower over the wound. and that I should of been using saline solution. Hmm confused. This stuff they have packed in now feels un comfortable. When they start the wound vac they will be packing the wound with a special foam. I don't understand how that foam is gonna work for the lower part of the wound since that is in the crack. I'm just so confused because every doctor says something different. I know this wound care place is good at helping wounds heal, but how good are they at pilonidal. I guess we will find out.


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I have heard nothing but good things about the wound vac. Different medical centres have different ideas about wound care, I think you just need to go with what they say and follow their instructions. I don't think that things like showering are 'wrong' as such, just a different opinion. Different centres find different things work for their patients. Plenty of people here shower and heal ok. The wound vac should get you healing quickly.
Yeah, the large part of the wound is above my butt crack, and smaller slimmer part is between my butt crack and goes down almost my anus. Hope they will be able to get a seal there for the vac. They said it would be harder but they can do it. Thanks for the reply
I also had surgery 23th mars, open healing.
Doc said i cant shower and a doc comes to me each day 9-10am and change the packing.
They use iso-betadine on my wound.

Yeps,'also what do you do, when were you able to sit etc?
My butt hurts like hell :/
I'm 14 days post op and the lower part of the wound still bleeds a decent bit. I started the wound vac today. I hope they packed it well. I worry so much, and just hope this heals
I'm interested to see how you do with the wound vac, especially since it's supposed to help you heal much faster than the traditional packing route. We weighed this option after our daughter's 2nd surgery but chose not to since she is still in high school. She thought it would be inconveniencing and embarrassing around her friends with that attached to her. If it wasn't for the school thing, it would have been nice to go that route.

Let us know how you're getting along with the wound vac - hopefully it'll give you a speedy recovery.
I think I'm still bleeding because the lower part of my wound may be splitting a lil :( so far the wound is more painful with this vac on. I hope it will ease


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A wild guess would be that the vac puts a fair amount of pressure on the tissue, stretching it and causing blood vessels to swell and possibly bleed. Do you still have to go and have the foam changed regularly?
Home care will come change Monday and wensday. Then on Friday I go to wound care to have changed. The bleeding occurs at lower part of wound without vac. I hope this vac gets me healin
Let us know how it goes after your changes next week. Hopefully, it goes well. Most of all, hopefully you'll be healed sooner than later with the vac!
Had home healthcare come out today to change dressing for vac. Removing the sponge was a lil painful. Removing the lower part of plastic sealing was extremly painful because wound care had to use some glue down low.

I am not to happy with home health care because they did everything differently. And the also put the round plastic cupping directly on top of the wound. Which wound care wants a lil to the side. Also I have a slight leak and gotta wait until this afternoon to have someone else come out.

Also the lower part of wound near anus still bleeds bad while changing packing. I'm 17 days post op
The home healthcare nurse came back out, and needless to say she left with the vac machine still making some noise. She said its ok, however I know its not ok. there is defanlty a lil leak. Ive called and the wound care center and they acted like its not that big of a deal, and they would try to get someone else out here. "When?" your guess is as good as mine. this is turning in to a big mess :(


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What a nightmare! So do you have to have it plugged into the mains or is there a battery pack in it or something? How mch does it get in the way?
What is the main point of the vac ? To forcibly remove some of the fluids that are trying to drain ? I am sorry to hear after that long that you are still having bleeding, I have bled quite a bit today. Have I mentioned I am not enjoying this disease ?

Hope they come straight away and get you all taken care of man.