My surgery today 3-18-2011

Rechargeable battery, right now the vac is not doin it's job because it don't have a seal, due to home healthcare. My wound care center was not to helpful when I called them. I'm just so fed up
Yes the packing and overlay they put on creates a seal and the vac pull out everything. Do to the location of the wound it's hard to get a seal. The wound care center had hardtime getting a seal. I don't know why they want home health care to do it if they had a hard time themselves. Wound care only wants to change it on Fridays, and have home health do on Monday's and wensdays
Sound like a huge pain, I'd think in a situation like this the home care people should go to get some training about how to properly use the vac and manage the seals. Sending people to help you that are ill equipped either in training or equipment is counter productive and totally inappropriate. Is there any way to give feedback to the company doing the home care ? Are there alternative companies ? I think people underestimate the pain and the difficulty in managing these wounds.
I can't say I know much about the wound vac other than what I've read about it...but no experience with it. What I can tell you is that I recall in someone's post before that one of the negatives about it was that is made a noise constantly. In fact, he said it sounded like a coffee pot. So don't know - maybe the noise you're hearing is normal but maybe it's not. You obviously know what it sounded like if anything when you left the wound care center with it.
When it was sealed correctly it made a noise about every 10 minutes. But after the foam change today it is making constant noise. It's defantly not right. I even called and verified with kci the manufacturer
Home health care nurse has some experience with vac, however not with vac on pilonidal. It's really hard to get a seal. I don't understand why I can't just go to wound care 3 times a week. I'm ok with that. But they only wanna see me once
Something else I do remember the wound care center telling us after our daughter's 1st surgery was that they were VERY hard to get a seal. Although, we didn't go back to the wound care center after her 2nd surgery...just had a bad experience all the way around. Since this is true about the wound vac, you might have to push the wound care center into letting you come there for the vac changes. If you don't think the healthcare nurses are experienced enough, I'd let the wound care center know. I wouldn't rest until I was satisfied; this thing is hard enough to deal with as it is without having to deal with incompetent people.
Kci people were suppost to come out with nurse, they never came. I'll see how it goes wensday. If they don't get a seal something has the change. The wound care facility had to use therma paste down low (it hurt extremly bad pulling off the seal) but they did get a seal. So it's been sealed up until today, the machine is pulling some vacuum however there is defantly a leak with limited drainage in hose
...... If you don't think the healthcare nurses are experienced enough, I'd let the wound care center know. I wouldn't rest until I was satisfied; this thing is hard enough to deal with as it is without having to deal with incompetent people.
I really like this section here. You pay for this care with your taxes so far as I understand, so I would damned well get it. Being angry with them wont help, but I would explain and kindly ask until I got the 3 appointments a week at their facility where they obviously have more training.


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Yes I agree. No need to get mad but definitely get firm. These people get used to being able to push some patients or get away with doing the bare minimum. Let them know you are not standing for it, and with everything crossed (X X X) they will pull their finger out and make the whole point of giving you this machine worthwhile.

Good luck!


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Maybe invite the nurse to join you at the wound care centre to learn how to do the damn job correctly!
Hound, the nurse just called about an hour ago and suggested that :) heh. She seems like she cares.

My apointment with wound care is not until Friday. Kci will come out with nurse on wensday


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Well this is good news, let's hope we can rule out duct taping the dam thing on!
That would be better then the rubber cement style glue the wound care used (it may be called therma paste, not sure) That was way more more painful then the wound while removing

Whatever makes this thing heal is cool with me


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It's just rotten on you but the silver lining is that, when they sort out the seal, it should get you healing up nicely. I know you won't feel exactly fortunate but it's a good solution they are trying to get you working with. Things can only get better huh.
That is a great solution to have kci come out with the nurse to show her better how to use the equipment. Glad to hear she has a genuine interest in your care. Also have read more about it since I first commented on this, seems like a pretty interesting option for someone with an open type wound. Hope it all comes together for you. Ha, puns are fun.
Wednesday the home nurse got the seal alot better however it was not a complete seal, however the machine held a steady vacum but there was lil to no drainage. Today I went back for my Friday appointment at the wound care center and they said the wound is looking good. They were able to get a 100% seal on the vac and im now getting good draining vacumed out. My home nurse went to my apointment with me today and watched the nurses get the seal, I really hope she is going to be able to get a complete seal on Mondays and Wednesdays. I guess even without a 100% seal the vacum is still doin its job ok? I guess?. It's just there is lil to no draining if there is not 100% seal