My surgery today 3-18-2011


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One of the reasons shaving in general for surgical wounds is not being done is that it creates more orotundity for infection at the site. Some surgeons here send patients home if they turn up for surgery having shaved the site themselves. I wonder if that is where their reluctance comes from.

I shouldn't worry too much about bleeding, none of the stuff I read says that bleeding alone means there is infection. It always seems to be accompanied by other indicators. Also the location means the area is forever being damaged no matter how much we restrict our movements. There's almost noting you can do without twisting and stretching the flesh down there. Also, everybody is different n terms of how much blood is pumped into the wound. Some of us have bodies that push too much healing blood to the site, flooding it with collagen. That's why some people develop keloid scars, it is just over healing of the body.

I think that, in view of what you have been through, you are doing remarkably well.
Thanks for your replies man. I worry and over think things sometimes. It's hard not to with this wound though you know. Im sure it will heal just fine but if just been worrying so much. Your replies help ease my mind a lil


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Well after living with an active pilo, we are bound to think the worst, I think there is a psychological aspect of the surgery where we find it hard to accept that it is gone. Every time my wound gives me a twinge of pain I wonder if it's back. I wonder if my back pain is a new pilo borrowing even though I have had back pain for 20 years. I check my underwear for blood every time I have a BM and at the end of the night when I undress for bed even though I have been healed for months.

It just goes to show the deep effect this darn disease has on us. I have given a lot of thought to what surgery I will have next time. Although my pilo got removed and I am healed, the emotional scar left from living with it will remain for some time to come.
The top part of my wound is almost healed but the part down in the cleft is healing alot slower, They are using aquacel and only having nurse change it every 2 days. After they change it they put a fairly thick abd pad over the area. I wonder if the pad is blocking to much air from getting to the wound. Also the home nurse always says there is no hair in the wound and she cleans it a lil with saline and guaze, however when I zoom in on the high res pictures I always seem to spot what looks like a tiny piece of hair, something that would be hard to see just by looking at the wound normal. There is no pain are sign of infection but the wound does bleed at the bottom part still.


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Yes I've read air is crucial. Even if you just let your bum hang out for an hour a day it can help prevent infection and get healing going. DEFINITELY worth a shot.
Yes that is another thing im worried about, the wound care seems to think air is not a issue (which I know is wrong) and also the packing material they use stays in 2 days and it has silver in it. I have read that silver helps fight bacteria and infection however it is damaging to tissue at the same time.


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A wet open wound is what we don't want is the moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and can slow or halt healing. If the wound is open, it needs to stay as dry as possible. if it is covered then moisture is less of a problem, as it will be protected from constant bacterial invasion. So either open and dry or covered is fine. Open and wet is not good.

I laid on the bed for an hour twice a day with my butt wide open, not pretty I am sure lol
As i said its same with me, i even posted it way before you that the down isnt healed yet but upper part nurses said its completely healed, down just takes so much longer and also i sit alor. :)

I think air is not a problem since my wound healed great upper part.
They would know if air was the problem. :D

The down part is probably slower cuz whn we go totoilet we push and sruff that can make the lowee part also slow the healing ive noticed when i go to toilet it comes blood probablymfrommpusing and sitting
My wound inside the crack is now 0.8cm wide with cheeks spread, and 1cm deep at the deepest spot. Wound care has been using aquacel with silver in it and I keep getting small rash on arms and my eye lids got really dry so they stopped using it because I suggested I might be allergic.

Today the wound care put in some wound dressing called tegraderm and the cut it about 0.8cm in width but the depth of it is paper thin, that dont sound right to me. I would think it needs to be more then that. It seems like they should pack the wound and not put that paper thin piece in there, what good is that? Some of the things they are saying are not adding up. I know the wound dont need to be packed to tight but I think the piece they are using is to small. Im thinking maybe I should just start packing this thing on my own with guaze?

Another thing is they shaved around my wound today with an electric style razor, they put guaze in the wound before shaving and then pulled it out, im hoping no small hairs got into the wound. I started reading some other posts today and it seems other surgeons or nurses use tape and all other kinds of stuff to take extra precaution.
I went ahead and had my mother put in gauze last night because I just didnt feel that paper thin peice of tegraderm sounded right. Today after using the restroom and wiping with baby wipes I was getting very small pieces of hair on the wipes. because those idiots shaved me with that electric razor and did not clean it all up right :( Even though they put gauze in my wound when they shaved I dont see how it coudnt of got into the wound. This whole process is starting to get me pissed.
Yeah I flushed the wound out with saline. my mother did not see any hairs in the wound, but since they used and electric razor they could be really small, but im sure if any did get in the they are out by now. Im just packing the wound with normal gauze until I find a new wound care center this week
Monday i went to hospital and they shaved my whole ass.
Since the down wound didnt heal as good as upper.

They shaved all and did something, :)
My wound down in my cleft is getting really close to being healed now it is less than 0.5cm deep now. however it is really sore to the touch down there. Im guessing it's more sore since its alot more filled in down there now? After I have the packing in there is no pain. it is just a sharp pain if it is pressed on


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I think that you can expect some pain for quite a while as it remodels and settles, for many months. At least once it is healed over you can stop worrying about contamination and get some of your life back. Good to hear the end is in sight Mike, I feel it's been ages for you, you must be going mad with it!