Nearly 7 months post OP - Fed up need some help..

Hi, I`m a 18 year old male who had open wound surgery on the 7th of July 2015. It was a 9cm incision that was 4-5cm deep. I had the VAC on for nearly 3 months until the wound was small but it broke down and I then had packed dressing with multiple dressing types until december when I went back to my surgeon and he stitched it up. Of course, it got infected and broke down AGAIN and here I am with a 5cm wound 2cm deep that healing seems to have halted. I now have heard today that there is another small wound thats <5mm underneath my wound and I have no idea how it got there but thats another thing I am worried about. I have my big exams this year to decided my place in college and my mocks are next week and im very worried and missing a lot of school as I have dressings everyday as I have since september. I havent had a sleep past half 10, enjoyed a hot shower, gone to social events with the paranoia that someone will bang in to my wound or a day were it hasnt been on my mind. Im sick to death with it and im going on holidays with my girlfriend in june who has helped me through so much of this. Im seeing my surgeon on wednesday and a nurse who is going to take some bloods to see if there is an underlying problem. I just really want some guidance on what i should do or ask for or anything. My confidence has plummeted and its hurting me physically and mentally every day. I dont think more surgery is an option as I dont think i can afford to miss any more school or I wont pass my exams. What should i ask my surgeon to do on Wednesday ? What should I be doing myself. Is there ANYTHING i can do to get rid of this. Thanks for your help in advance.
I am so sorry to hear that you have been through so much with this terrible disease. But is your surgeon a colorectal surgeon (one who specializes in the area of a pilonidal cyst situation)? If not, in my opinion I think you should be seen by one. Wishing and praying for the very best for you!!!