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I've had a pilonidal cyst for 7 or so years. The first time it flared up really badly until it burst. Ever since I've had some occasional discomfort and drainage. A second cyst popped up last year (possibly related) which i had drained by a doctor.

That got me thinking more seriously about long term management of the condition. I am thinking about visiting a cleft lift surgeon (last time i researched i think there was one in Philadelphia).

Recently I've been having a lot more drainage from the site (almost daily) though there isn't really much discomfort or swelling. The liquid is clear and thin (not bloody or pus-like)...and in the past i could usually tell when my cyst was filling up and would be due to burst whereas now i just basically notice some wetness. Anyone experience this? Is it an indication of anything?



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Hi Flamingoezz, you might be describing my exact last 6 months... clear serous drainage daily. Occasionally there would be a day with no drainage... and then the next... and on the 3rd day... flare up. Pain....... oh the pain. Eventually (4-7 days more) it would burst, sometimes with antibiotics, sometimes just rode it out.

The third flare up in this 6 months period... didn't look like it was going to burst on it's own accord and pushed up into a larger area on the lower back/cleft.

I had no choice but to almost crawl into the emergency department. They saw it as a critical issue and admitted me and about 3 weeks of hospital with 3 operations.

So yeah... I'd go and get it sorted out now while it's not infected, which is the only time it can be dealt with properly. You're right it's all probably coming from the same cyst getting more and more complicated and finding different was to discharge.