New Guy Here, Need Some Advice...

It's comforting knowing there's others with this awful condition while being young and in college. I'm 22, very active and into fitness, still in college and dealing with this cyst. I'm in the same boat with surgery. I want to ignore it since it hasn't busted yet (I seem to have mine in the same spot as you) but I also very much dislike the pain and worry of when it will burst. I take epsom baths 2x a day which seems to help a bit, but I have to lay on my side or stomach. I don't want to get surgery and take off from school but I also want this thing gone and enjoy my life like I should. Do you have a sinus track with yours? I have 2 small holes at the bottom of my tail bone/top of my butt crack
The surgery isn't bad. I had the closed excision. So I healed up pretty fast. Open excision I cannot testify for. I don't think I have sinus tracts. He never mentioned them. But with any abscess I think they are to be surgically removed after draining. Because abscesses build a hard wall around them. And that allows another to grow. So surgery after a Pilonidal abscess is very common and highly recommended. I was afraid but I seriously freaked out over nothing at all. Seriously, the worst part of the whole surgery was waking up with cotton mouth and the taste of plastic for 24 hours. Lol. I had zero post op pain. Zero draining. All cases are different. But you could really have a problem free surgery.
Sorry it took me so long to get back on here and check this my thread. I have been swamped with work and school.

Anyway, yeah these cysts are not fun at all to deal with. I think the only way you can truly win is if you have surgery and it is problem free.
I have sorta decided to hold off on surgery for now and just take it day by day and closely monitor the cyst. Right now mine is not very bother sum, but who knows, maybe in the future I will need surgery.

And as for a sinus tract, I am not 100% sure what that is? My doctor and surgeon I met with about mine never mentioned them so I don't know what the are?
My surgeon never mentioned them either with mine. From what I understand, sinus tracts are the tunnels that the drainage come through. When the cyst gets infected. I read many stories of people having sinus tract issues with their cysts and their cyst will start draining randomly and they don't know it until they feel wetness. Perhaps those who don't have the sinus tracts are the ones getting the super huge abscess like I had? Couldnt drain on its own? So eventually just burst ad drained that way with the help of lancing it?? It's so confusing sometimes.


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I had lots of tracts which will be closed one month and discharge the next... they were useful for years... didn't help me avoid a massive complicated abscess in the end.

The I&D ops are to drain the cyst/abcess... while the open excision (and Cleft Lift) to follow when less infected remove all the bad tissue which is full of tracts


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Hi Krisrenee, sorry I don't know. I think yes... If you've had one discharge multiple times...

My surprise is from reading others stories here... I think you too Krisrenee where they never discharged. I would quite often have 4 days of excruciating pain before it would always eventually discharge and make a mess of the flesh.. Heal to an extent... Comes back.. Tracts Tracts and more Tracts

My excision meant removal of all that bad flesh and tracts. I figure the surgeons discover the extent of the Tracts while you're under the knife, which is why some people come out with a much bigger cut than discussed.
Yes that all makes sense. I went to ER on a Sunday night to get something done about it (it was already painful.. But I could stand stand up straight) and they sent me home to do Epsom salt baths. Said it's too deep in the tissue. That Saturday (6 days later) is when it finally erupted at home. Couple days prior I was complete down dog style walking to the bathroom.

The day of surgery, my surgeon did tell me that there is a chance I MIGHT have an open excision. Freaked me out. When I was all done and back in my room, my mom came in and said "Dr. Said he was able to close it." And I was so relieved. Two days later was able to take the dressing off only to find 5 stitches. So I'm just assuming my cyst/abscess (whatever) was not that big or chronic. What do you think?