New here! I need some help (real worried)

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I am so glad I found this place.
I have a question to you all about Pilonidal cyst.
My 17 year old daughter started complaining of tailbone pain 10 days ago. She said it felt like a bruise and it hurt to sit. Then a few days later she got a large hard painful lump beside her butt crack. Its not on her butt crack but right beside her butt crack on her butt cheek. I took her to the er last night and the dr thinks its either a cyst or an infection. He did not think it was a Pilonidal cyst because in was not on the tailbone but to the side of it. She does have a very small pit in beside the lump but its very small and you can only see it if you spread her cheeks apart. And it does not look like it is an open pit. (Its very small).
Now my question is : What do you all think this could be if it's not a pilonidal cyst. I think it is pilonidal cyst but I'm not a dr.

And are the lumps /bumps hard????

Can you still have a Pilonidal cyst if the lump is not on your butt crack/tailbone?????

Can anyone help me?????
I'm really worried!!!! I worry about cancer all the time.

Thank you

oh ya I forgot to mention that the doctor put her on some antibiotics which don't seem to be helping .
Hi Mari94

my son didn't have any pain prior to a hole developing in the top of his butt which regularly drained the doctor said it was a pilonidal sinus but I assume there had to be a cist deep inside which caused this, try not to worry too much
So I'm assuming since I'm not getting a whole lot of replies means that what my daughter has is probably not a Pilonidal cyst.

I was really hoping to hear from all of you. I'm really worried.
Thanks for listening
Hi Mari94,
Sorry to hear about your daughter... The fact that she is around the age these things 'usually' appear (from what I read) I would get a 2nd opinion if you can. I can't say for sure if I read online somewhere that a PC can be beside and close to the butt crack, but Sasha may see this message later and knows of many more cases than I would have read as I only read about this within the last couple months. I think it could be a pilonidal cyst especially if it starts to drain meaning it's infected and that's why it is hurting. Mine was at the very top of the butt but still in the butt crack so I'm sorry I don't know any more... When the first doctor saw my abscess they knew right away it was a PC so definitely get a 2nd opinion!! I was referred to a general surgeon who sees lots of pilonidals so maybe at least you can get a referral to someone who sees more of these stupid annoyances. Good luck!


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You are most probably dealing with a pilonidal. It is possible that it also may be Hidradenitis Supperativa, but even off to the side next to the crack is a normal pilonidal location. The abscess tends to form and track in the direction of least resistance, which pretty much means that it goes in the easiest direction. Depending on where exactly the abscess started from, it can go in pretty much any direction.
Hi, Mari.

I also am the mom of a seventeen year old pilo sufferer...

My son had a surgery six weeks ago, his cysts were directly in the butt crack, but a few weeks ago I noticed a discoloration on his butt cheek , just to the left of the crack and above his surgical wound.. It is where the doc gave him the shot to numb him.... well, now it is a lump and is sore and i see some clear fluid draining from it. I'm going to have the doc look at it tomorrow////

I keep worrying that it is another cyst, but keep hoping since it is not in the crack and appeared where he had the shot, that it isn't...especially since it is to the left of the crack and there was no sinus hole/dimple there. So, once i see the doc tomorrow, I should be able to answer your question on whether a pilo can appear somewhere besides the actual butt crack.....

By the way, my mother died of cancer when I was thirteen, so I know where you are coming from when you say you worry about cancer. [o+o] I have lived my whole life in sheer terror of it. I know how it feels to worry. but Try not to worry too much about this being cancer, it is highly unlikely ..... It could be a pilo, or even something as minor as an infected butt pimple....
My husband had surgery to remove his pilonidal cyst and sinus on Sept 4, 07. His sinus was located in his crack, but the lump caused by the infected cyst was located just below the top of his butt crack, on his left cheek, so yes they can occur on the cheek. It had flared up several times before he had the surgery and was always on the left cheek. I would suggest a 2nd opinion and try to get this taken care of before it gets worse.

Good Luck!
My Son had 3 holes. One at the top of the crack and off to the side and two smaller ones below in the crack. I would certainly find a certified colon / rectal surgeon and get an appointment. I think there are many fine doctors or general surgeons out there, but I am one to always start at the top.

My son is 18 and is having surgery two weeks from today.

Best luck to you.
Thank you

Thank you all so much for your helpful replies.

It's been been 6 days now that my daughter has been on antibiotics. She was first put on cephalexin 500 mg then four days later she also started taking metronidazole 500 mg
She say's the pains alot better now and it only hurts when she sits on it(the lump).
The lump feels alittle bit smaller to me but not by much.

Does this sound normal????

Where was your bump?? You said it was on the side like my daughters.
hi started as a lump about an inch from my mid line, half way up my cheek, as it got worse it spread to the middle. Sounds like a pilondial to me, I left mine for four years, my advice is just sort it out as soon as possible its definatley better in the long run.

Is it normal for the pain to get better but the lump stays the same????

Sorry for all the questions but I'm still kinda worried that its not a cyst.

Thanks Dave for your reply :)

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