New here, just got my first cyst

Hey all.
Male, 27, first time posting here.
I had pain in my tailbone show up this past weekend.
I found the beginnings of a bump a day or so later, and after putting things off a day or so and thinking that I might have just bruised something, I did some research online and figured that I probably had a pilonidal cyst, especially when it was mainly on the right side of my cleft but seemed to gradually be growing (although it hasn't drained at all), and I went to the doctor yesterday.
I should mention that I'm working in another state and I'm not covered right now by my insurance out of state (gotta get that changed), unless it's an urgent or emergency visit, but at a certain point, I just needed to find out what this was and what to do about it.
I saw a PA, who confirmed my suspicions.
She told me that she didn't see any head (assuming she was looking for a sinus), and it was too deep to drain easily.
She gave me antibiotics (got a generic for Bactrim DS) and told me to soak it in the bath 3 times a day, and to come back Monday.
She did mention that if I had a decent fever, I should go to the emergency room.
I had a slight fever when I was there yesterday (99.3), and then wasn't feeling well last night, so I went to bed early, and kinda slept (woke up a few times) for a while.
I soaked it again this morning, and I'm still not feeling well, but I don't think I have a high fever (no thermometer here, gotta get one).
It seems to have moved around a bit, and now the left side of my cleft seems to be swollen more, though it doesn't hurt as much when I touch it as the right side. The skin on the right side also seems to be crusted and peeling a bit, but I'm assuming that's normal.
I've been in various stages of pain, mostly when getting in and out of a car, and when sitting down (though I had been able to find positions that weren't so bad) but the past day or so has seemed worse.
It also hasn't been draining at all, kinda nervous for if/when that does happen and the mess it will probably make, but it seems like that should provide some relief.
Curious if anyone has any recommendations (been reading through other posts as well), and if it actually is a deeper cyst and hasn't been draining, what the best course of action would be.
Sorry for the long post, just wanted to include as much info as possible, and I appreciate any input or help that I can get.
Thanks a lot!


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Hi I can sympathise and I've had that situation many times. It's so big you can't squeeze it. I begged a doctor to lance it but they wouldn't touch it. They also told me to go to emergency with a fever etc. I thought that's why I was at the doctors! Anyway they turned out to be right, it's not trivial for them to just drain it.

When it does burst, there will be just one point that opens first and most of the liquid will drain out there. You might also feint from relief so might need a 20 minute break as you try to push as much out as you can.

I ended up in hospital when one wouldn't burst... Wished I had gone one of the previous times, as they treat it as a serious infection and sorted me out with intravenous antibiotics and did the full excision.


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Sounds like my situation. Keep soaking in Epsom salt baths. It'll get bigger and more painful as the hot Epsom salt baths bring the infection to surface.


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It'll either burst on its own or they will lance it. If it bursts on its own, I recommend still going to ER to let them get all that mess out. They'll pack it and send you home. Should be referred to see a surgeon. After an abscess forms, it creates a hard wall inside. That will make you prone to getting another soon after. That has to be surgically removed. That's what my doctor had told me. Don't let it ride. Keep medical attention.
Hi, I understand how you feel. It's frustrating, painful and hinders your everyday life. I've been dealing with mine for about 8 months now and it's not getting easier to deal with. It's getting worse each day. Besides getting prescribed antibiotics (which didn't help much, just temporary relief) I'm taking a hit shower plus 2 epsom salt baths each day. It provides some relief for a few hours. Sitting is uncomfortable and lying down is painful so I now lay down on my side or on my stomach. Mine hasn't drained yet either, I do have 2 tracks (holes) by my tail bone. I say find a doctor who specializes in this, this is what I'm currently doing and hoping to get the Bascom/cleft lift procedure. I've read through posts and that's the best cure for it. Do not, I repeat, do not go for open or closed wound surgery. My doctor wants to do that on me and I refuse to, so in the mean time I'm on the hunt for one who does the other procedure. This is a real pain in the butt. I fully empathize with you. Feel free to ask any questions, I will share whatever I know and find out
It started draining slightly Friday night (first only some yellow stuff), and then seemed to drain more today, with a bunch of reddish stuff too.
Going to see what I can get out in the bath soon.
And thanks for everyone's input and suggestions, it's feeling somewhat better now, and hoping things are moving in the right direction.
I have another appointment on Monday, will see what they recommend then.