new to the forum but not new to the condition.

Hello all… I am a 36 year old male and have had this condition since I was in high school. For the most part I have been able to cope with the flare ups… usually draining on their own, but about 10 years ago… I was not so lucky and had to endure the horrible IAD procedure, worst day of my life. Since then, the incision scar has left me with an "out" so to speak, so flair ups usually just take care of themselves. I keep the area clean and all that, but it never fails… the flare up. Im thinking like 2 to 3 per year, give or take… Is surgery a good option? I have heard it can take up to 6 months to fully heal, and I just cannot afford to not work for 6 months. Anyone with some suggestions would be great!


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Sounds rough!
Honestly yes I'd try and get a surgery done.
The one that takes that long to heal is an open wound excision which I would NOT recommend.
Mine failed and I dealt with it for 4+ months.
Closed excision heals the quickest, but has the worst rate success wise.
Now the way to go (if you have a surgeon within a reasonable radius who does this) is a cleft lift.
These things heal quick and the aftercare was a breeze compared to the other two (I've had all three).
Ive had some complications with mine, nothing serious just some infection and a slight tear toward the bottom.
If I wouldn't of had that, I'd probably be healed by now and it's only been 5/6 weeks.
Some people after cleft lifts are back working after 2/3 weeks.
And the success rate is 98%.
They have a list of surgeons on here who perform it and have had success, I got my surgeon off of here.
Had to make a 5 hour drive to get it done but it's been worth it.
Good luck and feel free to message me/comment on here if you need anything else.


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Hi T-pain76, I could have written almost the same post when I was 36. (long time... draining itself etc). Eventually it didn't drain and I had the Open surgery at 40 when this happened.

Note you won't need to be off for the entire 6 months. After 2 months you should be able to do a sitting (cushion or sit/stand desk) or standing job. The rest of the 4 months is getting it packed daily - which after a while can just be routine...