New to world of all things pilonidal

Hi everyone. (Forgive my double post UK forum doesn't look active)
As its my first post I'll introduce myself.
My names Ryan, 22 from the UK (south east)

So for my reason on posting...
About a week ago I started to experience pain above my anus crack and felt a slight lump. Was uncomfortable but noting major. As the days went on it got a lot worse and last Saturday a hole appeared and pus started to SLOWLY weep. Not burst just weep from this hole.
Yesterday I went to the Dr as the pain was unbareable and was given Fluxxacilling 500mg (SP?) also told it was a polo nodal sinus and told if it gets worse to go to A&E within 24 hours.

Anyway I awoke today with pain I can only desrcibe as having a dagger in my anus while a donkey kicked the area. I took a bath and carried on with the compress as usual but no relief. Upon inspection I noticed there was a 2nd large lump that looked full of pus. I caught it with my flannel washing and even though I am a man I nearly hit the ceiling and cried after grazing it as its the most sore anything has ever felt.

Fast forward an hour and I've decided to go to A&E, getting ready to go and say on the sofa before I went. Went to stand up and no pain. I quickly realised this new lump had burst and this one really had burst, huge amounts of pus down my crack and all down my leg.

As of right now I'm in no pain just sore, do my question is do you think it was really a pilonidal sinus or just a cyst/boil? Should I still go to A&E?

(PS avoiding hospital as my mum died in ICU last year and can't face it without good reason) and obviously as I said pain free?

Thanks for reading
If it's draining a large amount that's a good thing, the pain relief once these things start draining is pretty much instant. You seem to have antibiotics already, so as long as it continues to drain everything out and you keep it clean you may be okay to skip the doctor this time. If it comes back you should start looking into better options to get rid of it. Some people just deal with it a few times and decide to live with it, but some people it just keeps coming back again and again. This is your first time so you don't know what to expect yet. If you are concerned about it now you could make an appointment with a doctor to get it checked out and see what they say. It's really up to you, but at least it's draining! Just be sure to keep the area clean and keep taking your antibiotics.
Thanks for the reply I hope you're right. The general opinion within my friends and family is get it dealt with now and operation but I really don't want a open hole to pack gauze in :'( I'm so bad at hospital and procedures I don't think I could cope after. If I keep it really clean is it possible, however how unlikely it could fully heal? Or will I have to bite the bullet and undergo surgeey?
Many thanks once again Baxter
You don't have to get an open wound procedure for surgery, I went with a closed procedure and many people go with the cleft lift, there's lots of options to look at! After the draining has stopped the area will heal, however it's what underneath that that's the problem. The cyst itself and any tracts under there are the main concern. You never know, you might never have another flare up again, it's unlikely but possible for some people. After my first flare up I didn't have another until 6 years later, but then it was happening on a constant basis. You never know how it's gonna act until you go through it. I think your first step is just meet with a colorectal surgeon and see what they say, if it's your first occurrence they may even tell you to wait and see. And if they or you do decide on surgery, go over all your options, you don't have to get only an open wound!