New with this needing advice!

Hey everyone, I had my first incident about 3 weeks ago. It started hurting then slowly got bigger to the point I had to go and get it drained. The incision is almost healed up now, I have been putting neosporin and gauze on it and have been taking bactrim twice a day. The plastic surgeon I went to said once this heals to just keep it clean and dry and to trim my butt hair. He said once it heals up and I have no more problems with it to not worry about getting a further surgery. He mentioned if it happens again he would do a z plasty. So it's been like 8 days since I had the I & D and now I have formed a small hole in the top portion of my butt crack. I know this is the sinus opening or whatever but it's freaking me out and I'm wondering if I need to go back to the doctor. Also if other people have experienced this what are some helpful tips or things y'all do to keep it clean and dry throughout the day and at home to keep it from getting infected?
You can shave/lazer the hair in the area, since the hairs are what get into the hole and lead to the possibility of an infection. You can cover the hole to prevent hairs from getting in (with bandages or gauze). If you sit a lot (more than 8 hours a day or more than a few hours at a time), you can try to avoid sitting. If you have gained weight and it correlates to this incident, you could try losing weight.

- Search the forums, other ppl have some holistic methods for managing their cyst/sinus, but it everyone reacts to any treatment differently.

I wouldn't freak out, almost everyone with a cyst has a sinus hole, the sinus is where hairs get into, then get infected, which then causes drainage and/or actual abscess.

At this point you can either live with it or research/pursue surgical options.


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Try the cigar technique with 4x4 gauze. Roll the gauze like a cigar and place between your cheeks. This helps soak up moisture and keeps the area as dry as possible. I also used women’s pads when mine was at its worst.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. If you decide to do a surgery, make sure you do plenty of research. Many of us have had horror stories.