Newbie...My Experience

Just joined this site today and thought I would share my experience so far and I would quite like your advice/support too!

I had surgery for a pilondial abscess in 2007, took 5 weeks to heal and told that I needed another operation but not told why. Comes back but bursts, get antibiotics and cleaned out and fine.

Attend 3 follow ups one with surgeon, two with some of his registrars. Surgeon and one of the registars says that I need surgery but again cant really tell me why I need it. The other registrar said that I could remove the hair and keep it clean. Miss one as the surgeon was running late and I had to go to work.

Over the next year fine no probs just twinges every now and then. Then july this year in the shower using my mesh exfoliation gloves something goes pop and starts to leak. Come out clean it and cover it with a dressing that i had. Go to GP and told that its a sinus and it wont heal refered to consultant general sugery at local hospital.

October 14th go to my consultation and get another registrar, first thing he said was "so you've finally made it back, you have missed several appointments". Straight off the bat I'm annoyed as I know that it isnt true explain what happended up to date and then he says "well you have already had it 4 times you definately need surgery but lets have a look".

Looks and get told that there is two sinus holes, not one as my GP said you definately need surgery. I say that I dont know if I want surgery and I cant afford another 5 weeks off work, is there nothing else that can be done.

So basically I had 10mins of being told I need surgery and not told why, then I get discharged from clinic as I was refusing surgery and told to leave.

So I am raging as I dont appreciate how I was spoken to and nobody has really told me what it is, why I need surgery and if I have another operation will it be gone for good. It is only searching the internet and finding this site that I feel I have found people who will understand what I am going through.

I am now considering having private surgery rather than go back to the consultant that did my first operation. I suppose I should say that I am overweight and I do have a desk job both which I have been told are contributing factors.

Anyone had private surgery? Anyone able to tell me if it will come back after another operation and what is a cleft lift?

Thanks and apologies for the long post.

You have a lot of questions there, and being in the same boat I don't know the answers, I wish to hell sombody could get a quick fix for these things. I've had 5 operations, the last time referred to Glasgow to see a 'specialist':D and had an op at the end of June, was left with a gaping wound that I could have stuck a golf ball in, I go back to hospital soon for another follow up and it has still not healed. Each time it gets to the last bit / small opening that just does not close. I have had it for 5 years come March and at the same point as you of telling them to stick it as I cannot afford any more time of work / daily dressing etc. etc.

Before the last op they tried a colonoscopy to see if there was any other reason why it was not healing but all was OK.

What hospital you been attending?

Might have more luck writing to Santa [:^][:^][:^]

ps you'll notice this is not a very active message board
Hi Emodave. I was sad to read your story, it sounds like the surgeons have been a bit harsh.

Is it an option for you to get referred to a different surgeon? If you check out the "hall of fame" forum, there are a couple of consultants in scotland on our list. They do perform the cleft lift surgery you mentioned, which may well be suitable for you after a failed surgery.

You can read about the cleft lift here:

It's basically a surgery to reshape your crack or "cleft" to prevent hairs from entering. The heal rate is usually quite fast- 2 to 3 weeks and low recurrence rate.

You may have more luck posting on the general forum which is more active!
I don't know if you have already seen this but it looks like you need to see Miss Senapati.

Asha Senapati
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Portsmouth, Hants

023 92 286710

I cannot tell you how nice she is and also experienced I have been to see her myself and I am in a waiting list for a cleft lift. What I know of the surgery is that the cleft is made shallow and is slightly moved. Even if you have this surgery or not Miss Senapati is great and you need to see her and she will decide what she wants to do.

Good luck, Keep us posted and you know where I am if you need further advise.