newbie needs packing advice PLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE

Hey guys. So I'm new on this heavenly site... thanks to everyone for being so open & honest & helpful. I had the excision surgery last Friday, 6 days ago. Definitely dreading the packing. Agree that days 3 thru 5 are the WORST but the packing is still soooooooo awful. Which is why I'm here... any advice on packing? My mom is a godsend and does it for me but like she keeps saying "she's not a nurse" she packs it with wet gauze but obviously it hurts like WOAH when she pulls it out. Packing twice a day and I get in the shower to get it wet before she pulls it out, although I don't think its helping. Like everyone says I take 2 vicodin before the packing ... but nothing seems to make it easier. She's afraud she's packing it too much, or that she's not doing it right. How do u know when there's enough gauze in it??? Its only the beginning and I know its the hardest part but any lil tips that would help would be GREATLY appreciated. The cyst was cut open midline, prob 3 inches long and down to the bone, so the lovely crater is pretty deep. Definitely the worst thing I've been through and still have WEEEEEKS left to go. Thanks for reading & any advice will be useful. Thanks guys!!
I am in your shoes right this moment! maybe sharing step by step on what my husband does for me will help you and your mom. I am on day 10 now its still the same size and still hurts the same as day one!
I lay flat on my belly and my husband removes to cover padding he takes twezers and pulls the qauze out of the hole SLOWLY, like yours its about three in. long. its not as deep as yours but its pretty in aways. It doesnt hurt as much as your talking about for me but i can it and the only words i can think about is, it feels "weird" after that i take shower and bend down so the water washes the hole inside, you said you take a shower with the gauze in? my doctor told me its important to wash with water inside the pain there thank god. then i lay back down and he takes the wet gauze square and places it on the hole then with a long medical q-tip pushes it in and up very slowly, again "weird" it tens to get painful when he hits the bottom. then takes another wet gauze square and places it on the hole then with the q-tip pushes it in and down. then covers it with the cover padding. my husband has hands like a staint i say that becuase i went yesterday for my follow up and the nurse repacked it, She put three gauze squares with i think restreched whatever started to heal and used her fingers not a q-tip to push down. IT HURT SO FLIPPING BAD! however my husband is doing it,it works pretty well because like i said i can feel the packing but it doesnt hurt me as it does you. i dont know how your mother is packing it but maybe my story with give you some ideas to try. I am thinking of video taping the packing and putting it on youtube ... lol
Hey there! I'm now on day 7 and I think today was FINALLY the turn around day... it hasn't hurt that bad today. The doc and nurses are always the worst to pack and take it out. The taking out part is what's the worst, I finally decided to try pulling it out myself yesterday and it was sooooo much better. Mine is packed with 3 inch rolled gauze now squares though so I can do the pulling out myself. I stand in the shower & let it get wet then very slowly pull it out, letting it get wet along the way. It made me gag the 1st time, pulling a couple feet of bloody gauze out myself. But it was sooooo much better and didn't hurt NEARLY as bad as when mom or the doc pulled it out. The packing part isn't as bad either, finally have granulation tissue filling it in and so now its easier, no more screaming. Just taking it out still hurts but like I said getting it wet like that makes it come out so much easier. Bleeding has been pretty bad the past 2 days and I called the doc cuz I was nervous and they said its perfectly fine, means its healing and filling in! Just have to make sure the bigger clots come out in the shower. So I guess so far so good.
Initially I was using wet gauze, but the nice wound nurse gave me silvercel non adherent dressing, it is pain free, I am in my 5th week, pain free when removing, glides like teflon out of the wound for me
Did you find that just at the pharmacy?? I will have to look into that...would be amazing. Anything to make this all less painful would be worth it!
i know its no fun but really its suppose to hurt if its doing the trick. packing it serves a purpose, not just to hurt u. but it goes in wet comes out dry but its debreeding the wound each time. its taking all the bacteria and bad junk with it and in order for it to really wrk its kinda suppose to hurt. your skins growing to the gauze and so its like ripping it out but leaving a nice clean wound. it does get better, i promise.
Thanks cricket1. I'm definitely seeing that it gets easier. I find it hard to believe that in only a few days I've gone from screaming and sobbing to wincing some and not needing to scream. Everyone kept saying the 1st week is the WORST and I felt like there was no end to the ungodly pain in sight but I think I'm over the hump. Day 8 and way more comfortable. No longer need pain meds all the time and even when I do take vicodin (before packing) I only take 1 instead of 2. Very happy... just hope the surgeon is to. Went to my primary doc today to get it packed (momma the caregiver had to work early morning til later afternoon) and I needed it packed...said it looked great, irrigated a couple small blood clots out but said it seems to be healing very well. Hopefully surgeon agrees. Day 8 and its filling in considerably.
Did you find that just at the pharmacy?? I will have to look into that...would be amazing. Anything to make this all less painful would be worth it!
Not sure if u would get it in a pharmacy as the wound nurse hands it to me when I go for a weekly checkup, but a google search seems to indicate that it is available for purchase online