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Hi All,

I just wanted to put something out there... many people (myself included) suffer from both Pilonidal disease and Hidradenitis Suppurativa (armpit, groin, bottom).

I've also read medical articles stating how hard/impossible it is to distinguish between Pilonidal and HS.

It doesn't matter because the cause of both is a similar and speculative as the other. I'm therefore imagining some of us are in this forum with HS diagnosed and PS... as there doesn't seem to be a difference in the mechanics.

Forums for "HS" sufferers ... lots of people trying elimination diets (like one you would use to identify an allergy) and coming up with all sorts of fairly convincing food groups that affect them. Major common theme for a good proportion that do it.. is Nightshade vegetables. I've never been convinced.... but recently had a pretty positive correlation to a flare up the day after Pumpkin/Potato (nightshades).

Wondering if anyone with PS has thought along these lines and seen any correlation or improvement



@Tonster I will be having surgery soon, open wound and marsupialization technique, I´ve searched for alternatives but no one seems to know about cleft lift or pit picking here in Argentina as far as I could see. Don´t know very much about HS because I don´t have it but I will tell you something that worked perfectly for my skin problems. First I´ve become almost vegan because I wanted to lower cholesterol, so no dairy, eggs, chicken or fish (meat maybe once in a while) lots of fruits, grains and legumes. Second NO SOAP, it was ruining my skin, this is what made a HUGE difference because I would always have rash, itchiness, irritation in a regular basis so I had to use ointments and corticoids..all soap is the same no matter how "gentle" it is on your skin, it is harmful and absolutely unnecessary, I think it´s ok for hand washing but that´s my skin is perfect, never been better..and after showering (absolutely no soap) I use a hair dryer, it is a must because moisture allows bacteria to grow, so keep all those critical areas dry. This has worked for me, maybe you should try it and see what happens, also avoid animal foods if you can, IMO dairy is the worst..not an easy lifestyle change but it can be done
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