Non healing wound in natal cleft since 2.5 years

Hi ,

Around 2.5 years back, I had a cyst at top of my natal cleft and a tract along the midline of cleft. It was excised and left open for healing. The site at which the cyst which was cut out healed pretty well, but the wound in the cleft closes for sometime and opens up again competely and closes again. Its been happening for around 2 years. I have been consulting doctors during this period, but in vain.

5 months back, a doctor prescribed me bactroban(mupirocin) topical ointment to apply on it for 7 days. As soon as I started using it, I felt the difference. In the desperation, I have used it for around 3 months and found the most of the wound is closed till now.

But recently, it again opened up slightly in last part of the wound near to my anus (0.5 Inch above). I see redness on the site compared to the skin around (it could be infected). I am thinking of using mupirocin again but I read a lot on articles on Internet which says using bactroban for long times could be very bad, is this true??

And in this forum, I see a lot of positive feedback for cleft lift surgery. I am from India, and I didn't find any doctor who is specialized in doing cleft lift surgery. Please let me know if anyone from India had cleft lift surgery done successfully.



Very Helpful
I hate to hear that :(.
I can't answer much honestly.
But yes if you suspect an infection, please get that checked out ASAP.
Once the infection goes away it could close up and heal back on its own.
Yes I had an open excision that failed, I had a cleft lift and now I'm basically healed.
I hope and pray you can find someone in India who performs it.
Best of luck my friend