Off-midline, closed healing, flap surgery

So here are my pictures, the first taken about 24 hours after the surgery. My Doctor did an off-midline flap procedure... not sure the exact name, I found him on this website... though he says he didn't do the cleft lift, it's something similar.

He did leave it partially open to heal and I had to remove the packing 48 hours after the surgery

I sort of freaked out when I saw this picture so we decided to have him remove the packing because I thought it would be painful. I had an awful ER lancing experience and was freaked a bit. Though removing this packing didn't' hurt at all.

Here is a picture with gauze packing covering the stitches
Here is a picture from day 3, the incision is about 5 inches long, and just off to side on my left bottom cheek.

It is still numb, but I don't need pain meds right now. I can't sit normally but I can do this lean thing.
I know you had this surgery almost 3 years ago now, but I was wondering how everything is going? My doctor wants to perform the "off the mid-line" surgery to remove my Pilonidal abscesses. I am just curious to see what the outcome is and what it would look like in the future. I'm a little nervous and skeptical about this procedure. How have you dealt with it? Are you about to go about normally or are there things you feel restricted from due to this procedure? I look forward to your response. Thank-you.
I am almost certain that this is a recurrence now, and am making an appointment with my surgeon. Maybe these pictures can still serve as a reference for future users in my situation