Pads or bandage to help with smell?

Hi all,

It's a long story but is there anything to help with the smell that comes from an abscess?

I was wondering if maybe the silver antimicrobial products might be good to help with that?

Suggestions appreciated.



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It depends - are you certain that the abscess is not infected? Usually smell from an uninfected wound is fairly mild, some people may naturally have a more stronger smell. Serious odor normally indicates infection - it would be best to have it swabbed to make certain there is no infection present.
okay well what happened is, I thought I had a pilonidal sinus but it turns out it was a fistula.

The surgeon has put in a drain tube to prevent infection while staged treatment is taking place.

So there's discharge from the drain tube (as its meant to) and that smells. So I was wondering if antimicrobial pads or gauze might help kill the smell?