pain after pilonidal cyst removal

Hello everyone,

My name is Nick and I am a pilonidal cyst sufferer. I got a pilonidal cyst about 3 years ago and had surgery on it (flap surgery) to excise the wound. Yet, I was still having pain around the area. The pain feels like an ache at the tip of my tailbone and sometimes feels cold.

I tried living with it, but the pain would get worse the more I sat on it throughout the day. So I had exploratory surgery done where the doctor found a bone spur on my coccyx and shaved it down. Then he lapped some fat over it for cushioning. Unfortunately, the scar split open when I went back to college and its had problems closing ever since (6 months of it open; and it doesn't look like its gonna close).

I went for a second opinion to a colorectal surgeon. He explained to me that it wasn't going to heal and that he wanted to try a cleft lift surgery. I had surgery about 2 months ago and there's still pain. I can only sit for about 10 minutes before the dull pain comes on. I'm thinking about getting my coccyx removed (coccygectomy).

Questions: I was wondering if anyone had success with a coccygectomy? Has anyone had a bone spur after a pilonidal cyst? Is anyone's pain as specific as mine (seems like a toothe ache, except at the tip of my tailbone)? Could there be more cyst hiding under my tailbone?

All help is appreciated.
If in fact you do have a cyst, then yes a Cleft Lift is just what the Dr ordered. This is a great surgery! There is the only 2-3 week heal time, a greater then 90% cure rate and the pain is so much less. But that is if there is a cyst there.
I broke my tail bone as a kid and I understand the pain, but you really want to have it removed? I would wonder if getting rid of it wouldn't be asking for more troubles down the road.
did i read this correctly that u have already had the cleft lift? and now u r still having pain? if so that for being really not that far in than yes this is very normal. they say with the cleft it could take up to 1 year to heal fully. u have tons of scar tissue and nerves regrowing. i had a cleft back in april and still get this pain pretty frequently.

if u did have a cleft already but by someone that has no clue how to do one than yes this could be a failed procedure. i've had 5 surgerys and 2 of those were cleft lift closures.

i've had my tailbone exposed to the air but i don't think any of it was cut off.

i hope u feel better soon and if u have any questions please feel free to ask.
ok, so now after reading on your other post on bobs page i think now i saw that u have not had a cleft after all, but if thats the case my guess is that u may indeed need further surgery. i just am not sure cause u also have these other problems with your tailbone too.

my pain, i guess i wouldn't call it not tolerable cause it is but i have to shift positions alot. i have had 5 operations so it seems the more u have than the scar tissue can be anoying and the nerves regenerating can be an issue too. my tailbone itself feels broken or permanantly damaged. if my bone there gets knocked by a kid, it is severe.
Well i think the very small bone spur came from sitting through the pain. When I first noticed the cyst, I kept sitting on it (like most people, because I was unaware of the consequences). Then I had a flap surgery done. The wound closed, but the tailbone still ached years after surgery. It could be from the bone constantly coming in contact with scar tissue, it could be a padding problem or it could just be the rarest of complications from the first surgery. But anyway, I opted for this exploratory surgery where the surgeon was just gonna put more fat back there. He saw the very little bone spur and filed it down. He closed me up, but it split open just because of the area. It's been months now and it won't heal because the area is too mobile. The surgeon says I'm a little bit of a different case than he's seen because of the tailbone spur. I dunno, I'm just anxious to get it done with. I was also looking up the surgery that removes the tailbone (extreme, i know), but it just makes sense to remove the problem. Like, if part of the tailbone hurts, then remove the tailbone. Have you heard of anyone else who's dealt with a bone spur resulting from a pilonidal cyst? And what they did to combat it?

Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it.
i have not heard of anyone having this in relation to a pilonidal cyst but i do have a friend who got her tailbone removed and it sounded like quite the process. she got it done about 2 years ago and is still not healed from it. i believe she was in the hospital for 2 weeks after the surgery and still has extreme pain in the area.

my very best advice would be to seek out a surgeon on the list that specialises in the cleft lift. those surgeons have seen anmd done it all. all u would need to do is get some info. look up some like within 4 hours of u and get their phone nummber,call and ask tons of questions. u can do alot of this just over the phone. they may convince u that they have seen tons of these cases and it might be well worth the trip to get a consultation scheduled.

i really wish i could help u more. this does sound quite rare and so i don't have any experience with this. i hope u get some questions answered.