Pain after surgery, when was it worst?

Pain after surgery, when was it worst?

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I have had two surgeries. With my open surgery I was discharged 3 hours after waking up and I sat like a normal person for the 40minute drive home. I only had pain the following day when I had to pull out the packing. The nurse who came to see me told me to pull it out in the shower and that helped A LOT! Packing the wound hurt a fair amount. Worst pain was for the first day of removing packing and packing the wound, but after that the pain really becomes just something you gotta put up with.

The second surgery was closed surgery with internal dissolvable stitches. When I woke up from surgery I was in 8/10 pain. I was laying on my back and was very disoriented. After this I moved onto my side and the pain dulled. I leant on my hip basically for the drive home. Not fun. The day after I had 0 pain though. I started sitting way before I should have. Definitely why it opened up.

I'd say that they're about equal. The pain for the open wound was ongoing for a few weeks, but the closed excision only hurt a lot upon waking up right on the surgical site. It depends on what you would rather, dull pain for weeks or big pain only for about 10minutes.
I had a Cleft Lift two weeks ago. When I woke up from surgery, there was no pain because they used a great local anesthetic. The pain started about four hours after the surgery, but it wasn't bad. Just a dull pain that was maybe 5/10; I only took tylenol. The next two days I took oxycodon, two pills twice a day, and that killed the pain almost completely. By the fourth day, I did't take any pain killers and didn't need them. It still hurts a little, on and off, but just enough to remind me that I had surgery.