Pain on Day 5 post Modified Karydakis Cleft Lift op

My daughter is on day 5 of recuperation from the modified Karydakis cleft lift op. She has been on Panadol and Nurofen every 4 hours with Endone (morphine 5mg) if there's a pain spike. She did fine the first 3 days as expected. Yesterday, day 4 was better, only 1 Endone and feeling better - she's definitely not up and about though - still walking ver gingerly. She has a would about 10cm - 10 stitches - which is very uncomfortable.
Today she's in more pain than before - I have given her 2 Endone over 8 hrs and she wants another one. If it's not better tomorrow I'll have to call the surgeon. It's not enough medication to worry that she has an infection (the site looks clear - no oozing) but I'm wondering why she's making such a slow recovery.


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I'm thinking your daughter might have been given a long lasting anesthetic....

"By about day 5 post-surgery your need for pain medication should drop off sharply unless your surgeon put a long-acting anesthetic into the wound. If you did get the anesthetic you won't feel much pain at all until about day 3 or 4, then there may be a few days where you suddenly experience pain, this can be alarming since you were lulled into a false sense of being pain-free."

from here:
Oh thanks Kittygirl, that is very helpful. I'm pretty sure he did give her local anaesthetic around the wound so this is probably what it is. If it's not better by tomorrow night I'll contact them on Tues morning. Thanks