Pilodinal sinus 1.5 years after Flap surgery

Discussion in 'Pilonidal Discussions' started by Harry, Feb 5, 2016.

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    Feb 5, 2016
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    hey guys! cured my sinus back in 2o14 august, had great success. However sadly right now, im experiencing odd discharge from my backside, discomfort similar to what is what before, a odd feeling of i may have a " infection" the common symptoms of my prior sinus experiences, however when i was at hospital ( to get my kidneys looking at as i had a suspected kidney stone, turned out i didn't thankfully). The medical GP said it looks fine. That is certainly the opposite of how i feel.

    I'm looking into going straight to the hospital and seeing the doctor who did my surgery, i'm unsure of whats going on.

    Symptoms currently: Sinus area pain, leaking, profuse sweating down there, hair when wiping, have seen small amounts of blood in first wipe( goes away) feeling of a infection, discomfort( however not that painful, just i can feel it obviously, compared to what it was in 2014 when it was non-existent pain) in certain positions. its quite scary to think about.. as i dont want a septic infection.

    what are your suggestions ? the GP at prior hospital said it looked" fine" however my body and feeling say the opposite. It feels like this sinus could be deep inside the flap surgery area, It's quite complicated really.

    Im thinking of either: seeing hospital surgeon who did surgery( i present to ED, emergency department) tomorrow.

    Or seeing local GP to test for infection.. ill wait and see replies.
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    Sorry about the new issue I hope it will go away , what kind of surgery you had?

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