Pit picking in Buenos Aires (Argentina)?

Hello everyone, my name is Federico , I am 37 and I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina). I have a Pilonidal pit that I discovered last year which never gave me problems at all before but now it got infected and developed a bump (or abscess, hard area) in my left buttock. It doesn´t hurt at all, no redness or fever but there is fluid build up inside and I don´t feel OK with having this thing inside me, I want it out but seems like it´s not ready to be lanced yet, antibiotics didn´t work even though I took them when the bump it was very small. Anyway I was given the option of surgery with open wound healing and "marzupialization" technique but it doesn´t sound convincing, lots of painful packing and many days of suffering and unable to move (at least that´s what many people said) . A second surgeon told me to wait and see what happens with that bump, but I don´t think it will be reabsorbed, it would be a miracle.

I have done some research and I´m very interested in the pit picking technique since it looks less invasive and I have one only pit, but I couldn´t find a surgeon who performs this procedure here in Argentina.
Can you help me out, give me some advice? Do you know by chance if there is a doctor performing this procedure in my country? The closest I´ve found is in Brazil, but I can´t afford travelling there right now.

I am hairy and I was told to shave the area but I don´t really know if that´s the real problem, at least there are no hairs coming out of the pit right now, well who knows maybe a few got inside but I believe shaving would irritate the skin and even create new pits, I think it has to do with sitting for long periods, sweat, heat in that area and skin bacteria getting in there guess I´ll see what they find first after lancing before making a decission about shaving, I already have the abscess so I don´t need to do that right now, don´t know if it would help at this moment