Pit? Reopening?


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In May 2012 ( no photo of this) I was had a pilonidal abscess that wasn't very visible ( no lumps) and just put me in excruciating pain. After visting my GP I was referred to a surgeon where it was lanced/drained and was packed for a little more than a week do open wound healing. The open would left was about the size of a golf ball but healed with no complications.

However in May 2015, 3 years later, (first top left photo) it flared up. You can see the scar from the lancing. The pain returned but there still wasn't any visible sign of the abscess. I did not see a doctor during this time. I took curcumin and cleaned it well/ applied heat and the pain went away. Also I didn't have any drainage.

Then around Janurary 2016 a visible red lump appears in the second photo. It seems like it's at the same site as before. I again took the curcumin as before and the infection and pain went away after about a week. I also experienced NO drainage which seemed weird. (The third photo on the bottom left shows the cyst after The pain went away) However a couple weeks later a tiny pit formed and now March 1, 2016 (the last photo-taking in diffenent lighting which is why it appears more yellow) there is a large pit that is getting bigger! I am experience no pain but am concerned with what will follow. It doesn't seem to be draining or anything. I never had a pit like this before this large. I'm trying my best to avoid it stretching out anymore. I'm afraid of debris getting in it and becoming infected. Should I be concerned? How should I clean it specifically? Will it eventually get smaller or go away?

Thanks for reading and your insight in advanced!
The pit is the cause of the problem. The pit (or enlarged pore) may have been much smaller before, and hardly noticeable, but hairs were getting in it, burrowing under the skin, and were the cause for the abscesses that you had. Now that it has gotten to this size, it very well may continue to cause problems such as recurrent abscess, chronic discomfort, bleeding and drainage, or sinus tract development. It also means, that there is most probably more disease going on under the skin that you can not see.

Local wound care has a low chance of making this completely go away. The most definitive approach is a cleft lift. Less complicated procedures, such as excision alone have a high recurrence rate.

Stretching it will not make it worse - actually anything that opens up the cleft and lets air get in there is better. Pilonidal.org has some tips on dealing with this without surgery, and on my website I discuss the things that I think can be useful http://pilonidal.us/HomeTreatment.php

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The pits will not go away, u will probably have to have surgery, 10 years ago I had my chat lanced it left me alone until this year where it got infected, I took an antibiotic went away but formed 3 pits, I got so obsessed with it hat I just had the open excision surgery and am a week in- don't wait