Please help! My brother-in-law is about to have his 14th Operation in 11 years!!! Perth, Australia.

Hi everyone,
Well as the title states my poor brother-in-law is about to have his 14th Op tomorrow. He has suffered since he was 17 and is now 28 years young.. He almost made it a year this time without a recurrence but sadly it is back with a vengeance, he's currently in hospital after being admitted to the ER yesterday.
Im not too sure what type of surgery's he's had except that the last one was a flap type procedure? And he now has a big zigzag scar...
Im here in desperation as I just cant stand by and watch him suffer anymore, there has to be something someone can do???
We live in Perth Western Australia so if anyone knows of or can recommend a surgeon or even just someone to speak to about this. I would be extremely grateful for any help whatsoever as I really don't think he can take much more of this...
Kind Regards, Bindi.


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Hi Betty, he would go to ED with a flare-up / infection. Ironically, all they can do in that condition is drain it (incision), prescribe antibiotics and let it heal. Healing can take months and lead into another flare up...

So he could end up getting it lanced over and over, depending on the size and how it gets triaged at ED. Or they might be doing full excision and debridement type surgeries... We don't know.

I've been to Armadale Hospital (ED) and the general surgeons are very aware of the condition and very concerned about trying to treat it properly and thoroughly. There were 3 people in the ward recovering from the same surgery.. very common.

My second ED visit for a rather large abscess in a fortnight got me rushed through for the full open excision.

I was on a waiting list at Osborne Park to see a specialist, referral made by GP. That would be for open wound surgery most likely... But you can be on the wait list for a long time and flare ups will come and go. One of my flare ups went out of control, cut a long story.. My 4 month waiting on the referral came through for Osborne Park but they treated me at Armadale under the ED admission.

Only advice is to find out really exactly what procedures he's had and if he's just on the wrong track with finding the right care or if he has a the most severe of severe inoperable condition.

Smoking... Weight and sitting down all day (plus follicular issues) are the main triggers. Are any relevant? I also lived with it for longer than he has but without the surgeries (did my own bathroom surgeries and thought it was normal as other people will be doing)... It probably flared and discharged 50-100 times in 15 years I just never went to hospital and grinned and bared it. I never viewed it as the chronic infection it is.. And if the infection isn't dealt with.. It will always be there and make you feel worse for wear.

I'm in Perth but not sure what help I could be apart from helping navigate the system and deal with the flare ups from my personal experience. Tell me if I can
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