Please help

I had an incision and drainage in September, all healed well. Felt it swelling two days ago, started a course of antibiotics last night.
Abscess appears to have burst with a some blood and some fluid. I suffer from anxiety and I'm now in a panic about it.
Is this normal, previously when it's burst, it's always been pus.
Any advice appreciated, the blood has sent me into a panic.


Very Helpful
My abscess was puss and blood at first when it erupted on its own. Think that can be the breaking of the skin. When I went to ER to have it open up more and drained, my mom said the fluid looked like clear mucus. Blood at eruption I think is pretty normal.
me too the first and second time flare up was my pilo was draining pus and blood ,I would give the surgeon a call and ask him about it . I hope you are doing better