Possible Cyst... (Would Be Third)...

Personally, I hope that I'm wrong and my doctor tells me I'm crazy for worrying about having another pilonidal cyst, and I don't have to visit this forum other than to offer advice to anyone undergoing this condition. However, if I had to wager on it, I'd say I should be prepared to be informed I have yet another cyst.

I woke up this morning with terrible discomfort in my tailbone area. And given that I have already had two surgeries to remove pilonidal cysts, I immediately called my doctor. While the area isn't on fire/hot - as has been the case in the past - I can't help but shake the feeling that I have yet-another pilonidal cyst. While I hope I am wrong, and have still yet to confirm the existence of another cyst with my doctor, I can't help but put my money on this being the trifecta for me.

As for treatment options, I'm not entirely certain which course I would undertake. I'm leaning towards another cleft lift, but I am debating going with an open wound treatment since I've heard that it has a lower recurrence rate, and given my history, extreme times call for extreme measures. However, given that I could potentially wind up somehow getting a 4th cyst down the line if I get this wrong, I'm willing to hear anyone out on pursuing different treatments options.


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Hi Joe, it's a terrible feeling. Sorry mate... it's just a familiar feeling isn't it that makes your stomach sink.
The open excision and healing is long but not all that bad after you get over the first couple of weeks... still it's not 100% cure... but if that's what you get offered - take it.