Possible Reocurrence??

hey guys. I had surgery on 10/28/15 with a primary closure. A few weeks after that, my incision split open so I had to let it heal from the inside out. It finally closed about 2 weeks ago, but now I'm experiencing swelling towards the top of the scar & around it. It's not hot, red, draining, painful, etc. it's just uncomfortable & it seems to be making some of the scar bubble up. It doesn't seem to be getting bigger, it's just constant pressure. I've been taking anti-inflammatory meds, taking warm baths, icing it, rubbing vitamin E oil on it. I can't tell if this is a Reocurrence of my cyst, or if this is just part of the healing process now that the incision is finally closed. Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know what this could be?


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my guess is either a blister or there's fluid trapped under there....I would see your surgeon to find out what's going on there.....