Possibly PC but not sure

First and foremost I am planning to see a doctor as soon as possible. I'm trying to avoid going to urgent care since it's not causing any pain, but I'm planning to make an appointment once the weekend is over. I'm just trying to calm my nerves since I've been having the worst anxiety since last night.

Anyway, my roommate recently had to go to the doctor for a PC. I've never heard of this before and after some research I thought that maybe this lump I've had for quite some time, could be the same. I want to say it's been there for a few years. Never causing me any pain or worry. It's been the same size for as long as I can remember. It's possible it may have grown a little but not by much since I can't really tell any difference. No redness (except for recently since I've been messing with it while trying to figure out what it is). I have not tried to pop it and for the most part I've left it alone.

I've taken a few pictures.

As you can see, the bump is not by my tailbone but actually closer to my anus on my right cheek. That's the only reason I've suspected it not being a PC since there are no holes, cysts or anything near my tailbone. There is a little redness at the top of my cleft but this could be due to sweating or just needing a good cleaning. No itching, or pain in that area as well.

I suppose I'm just looking for an opinion. Granted I will still get a doctor's opinion, but I've also been told it could be a sebaceous cyst or just a fatty deposit. I'm just suffering from a lot of anxieties and this is ruining my weekend. I just don't want to go into the doctor's office with no hope at all. I'm already feeling a little hopeless.

Any advice or opinions is very appreciated.


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Hi Elaska, looks like early stages indicating something below.. Definitely go see that doctor. There might not be much they can offer immediately except for advice on care.

My butt looks like yours and they've stressed the importance of getting it hairless.. Butt cheeks, cleft and... Anus.
Thanks! I'm just really worried. I'm already looking at surgery options and it's literally taking all the energy out of me. I've been refreshing this site all day for a response haha.

Again I've never had any issues. I mentioned it to my mom a year or two ago and she said it's probably just a minor cyst or growth and as long as it never became painful or grew in size. Which it hasn't. No drainage, blood, or anything else. I only became worried after hearing about my roommate and from using Google for answers.

Is it possible it could be anything else?
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Looks like you have good habits in keeping it clean and hairless... my surgeon says to do the anus too... sorry. (and... yes I do get itchy bumps there that so far haven't escalated.. but you only need one to abscess and you're joining the surgery list.)

The dots you've spotted.. are possibly the enlarged pores which could be where a loose hair will set things off. They are well placed in your natal cleft to catch debris and probably where things start.
However, if they don't ever drain then they're nothing yet... but that's where to keep an eye on.
Don't go all obsessive over it... just keep up your regiment. (shaving, scrubbing, cleaning)

(I'd like to hear if other people agree they're enlarged pores)

So the one on your cheek... I'd say that's a boil.. I get heaps of them anywhere where my sweat glands are. Bum, groin, armpits. The name is Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) and there's a whole community for that and there's a big overlap between HS and PS sufferers... (follicular occlusion tetrad)
From what I can tell ... PS just means a large HS in your natal cleft. It's all the same cause... agitated hair follicle that closes, inflames, gets infected and abscesses

Your's might just be a standalone boil... a dermatologist can diagnose HS... but they can't do too much about it. With HS you get multiple boils in the same area and they all join up with tracks and it develops over years. Look for boil treatments (Salve).. you want it to form into a head. Once it bursts keep it dressed properly with gauze so the ooze is caught and disposed nice and cleanly for a week or however long it takes to dry up. (haven't tried yet but will use iodosorb on the gauze next time)
From what I can see in these photos, I'm not seeing any of the typical signs of active pilonidal disease. It appears that you have a sharp cleft, but none of the typical enlarged midline pores one sees with pilonidal disease. The location on the right perianal area is a possible location that a pilonidal sinus could come out - but it is an unusual spot - and what I see doesn't look like pilonidal disease. You should still go see a doctor if you are concerned, but these photos do not demonstrate anything obvious or classic for pilonidal disease. If you are going to see somebody, you should see a surgeon who deals with this problem.
Thank you both. Again I've had this bump for several years and it has never caused me concern until my roommate coincidentally had something similar that did turn out to be Pilonidal Disease. Of course I'm a hypochondriac and every little bump, sore, or lesion raises anxieties and I'll scourge the Internet for a possible answer. I plan to meet with my GP this Friday just to be safe, and see what he recommends. Hopefully he can refer me if it seems serious but I feel a lot better after getting both of your opinions. Thank you so much.