Post Open Excision -- Just over one year healed and counting!


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Hello everyone! I am here to post my thread with an update on my recovery. It has been just over one year since my surgery. I no longer feel anything lumpy back there. There is some minor scarring where my excision was performed, but nothing hideous or unsightly at all.

I enjoy being able to sit, lie on my back, exercise, etc without any discomfort and I'm so thankful I had my cyst taken care of even if the first week of recovery was rough. :)

For those of you who don't know my story my threads are linked in my signature.. I want to keep that information there for those who may be about to get an open excision like I did... because I want to help reassure but also prepare people for this experience because I remember how scared I felt and how daunting it seemed.

Occasionally we make sure to keep my cleft as hair-free as possible with gentle shaving (that's what the doctor and the brochure recommended) and I am always taking extra practice to keep the area clean... it's just a habit I've formed from having to take care of it after the surgery.

Other than that I can say there's really nothing else to report. Happy, healthy and looking forward to the rest of my life without the dumb cyst bothering me :D