Problem with first doctor?

Did you have an issue with your first doctor?

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After reading through many posts on this site, it seems like almost everyone had a bad experience wit the doctor they first went to about their pilonidal cyst (usually a general practitioner, family doctor, ER doctor, or walk in clinic doctor). I know I did. Share your story below!


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My first doctor was AMAZING. I had been sitting at home for about a week and a half in pure agony until I snapped at 7.30pm right before the doctors were about to close and decided to go. I told her what was going on, I was blushing like crazy and my voice was shaking, and she told me that she had had one too! That truly helped calm my nerves. She is such a good doctor :)

When I went to a&e for another flare up the doctors and nurses there were so sympathetic and kind and they were saying butt puns, and my mum was being weird and saying "she's so modest and would rather not show her butt to everyone" but they were so nice about everything. I know that I am so lucky to have only positive experiences with doctors so far
The first doctor I went to, who was a dermatologist (and when I arrived I realized he specialized in geriatric patients), completely botched the diagnosis. But the first surgeon I saw about seriously dealing with this thing was great; he just wasn't exceptionally experienced with pilonidals, and said he might have to leave it open and put in a wound vac, so I moved on to a surgeon with more experience.