Recent Pilonidal cyst surgery

Hello everyone,

After reading all these post prior to the surgery it really put a scare into me. I went in thinking the worst. After today I can say that my fears we're just that. I had a great team of Nurses and doctors take care of me. Granted they mentioned that the surgery would take about 1/2hr, but instead it went 1hr 1/2 instead. They did a closed incision with a drain. Maybe I'm one of the lucky few because I didn't have any pain prior to the surgery as well as afterwards. I did buy a donut so sitting down doesn't feel weird.

So its been a little over a week since my surgery and the drain was finally taken out. What a relief that was. First thing I did was hop in my car since I was restricted on driving lol. I just hope that other people who are experiencing this have the same recovery time\no pain that I had.