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Hi all,

This is my first time on this site. I've had my second flare up in the last 6 months. The first time, I never really researched why a boil on my (_x_) came to be. I had been riding on a small boat in choppy water for a long time that day. I also swam in a not-overly salty river for a short period of time. So I just figured my (_x_) had enough and was sore, and maybe chaffed, and possibly I had picked up something in the water. Flesh-eating bacteria was definitely on my mind. I was sore for sure along my back door, but after the first day the pain wasn't overwhelming. I could walk around with some trouble but it was manageable and I hadn't taken anything to ease the pain. Basically, I just showered and washed the area well (I was using Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus soap). The one thing I did do was wipe very thoroughly and then use raw ACV on the area. That first BM was very unenjoyable so I switched my diet to pretty much just veggies, yogurts, fruits. Anyway the pressure was gone by day 4. It was still tender, and the flesh under the skin where the boil was felt gelatinous. Kinda like after the blister from a burn goes away when you don't pop it. I'd say by day 7-8, I felt as good as new.
Then, I had another flare up tuesday. It just came out of the blue, but I knew that unmistakably agonizing pain as soon as I woke up. This was after a very active Monday for me, and I had taken my Dad to Doctor's office, and sat in the lounge for probably forty minutes. I also used the bathroom, #2. I was thinking this could be the culprit. I feared I had picked up a MRSA infection. It was during my internet searches for MRSA and I came across Boils, Abscesses, and Pilonidal Cysts. I read a few stories, saw pictures and videos, and now I know I'm a sufferer.
Well, this second time around, the cyst wasn't any or much bigger, but my god did it come back with a vengeance. Since tuesday, I've largely been laying on my side, or on my stomach. Walking has extremely troublesome, and even standing up straight is not without several winces and choice curses. I was lucky enough to have had a nice supply of fruits and veggies to last me. I was in so much pain this time around that my appetite suffered. I did manage a few hardboiled eggs, and a couple ounces of fish here and there. ACV has seemed to be ineffective. I used other herbal remedies (turmeric, garlic cloves, coconut oil, etc) to little success. Raw Buckwheat Honey on the wound offered mild comfort. I took three or four baths a day as hot as I could take them. This offered comfort, but no pus ever came to a head. I had one human looking butt cheek, and the other resembled that of a baboon's. By friday, It just wasn't getting any better, so I took extra strength, which I hadn't taken any pills for anything in close to four years. Huge pain relief. You can only take them every 6 hours. The effect lasted about 4-4.5 hours for me. I felt relief quickly. I also started icing the bastard. After the initial cold shock, this felt so great. I just let a ziploc bag rest on it for an hour, removing it randomly just to stretch my back a little. Well this morning I had been through the bath, and started icing. I was talking to a friend of mine and telling him how painful this was, that I had been turtling on my bed and the living room for days, barely going outside. I told him I felt like I had a tail trying to burst through my cheek, and that God was pretty cruel for sending that plague of boils. I got off the phone with him, removed the mostly melted icebag, and went into the kitchen for what turned out to be a kale, onion, and mushroom soup lunch. I was snacking on some berries while it was simmering, when I dropped a 2-3 berries. As I squatted down, I felt a slight trickle on my bum, and voila! The cyst is starting to drain. Still swollen and red, but the pus, though not visible is starting to leak out on its own. Hopefully that means this gate-crasher from hell is returning to the nether. I was considering going to the pharmacy today to pick up ichthammol salve.
Well, that's my story. And my thoughts are...i'd rather have someone break my arm and be in a cast for 4-8 weeks than deal with a week of PC. My question at this time for the group is, How do you control the mess from leakage. It's gross, it stinks, and since I'm still on my stomach, I feel a wetness on my scrote and I dread the thought of it spreading to that area. Death might just be a welcome customer if that were to happen. Sorry to leave everyone with dread.

Thank you all, for sharing your stories, remedies, surgeries, etc. It's been informative, horrifying at times, humorous at times, and comforting. Godspeed to recovery
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Progress Report: Day Six I had a little fun with this story. Feels good to be good again.;)

On the fifth day, Relief would come. He came not a knocking, knowing well that I granted an open invitation. Instead, partnering with the usually mischievous Stealth, they flanked my swollen hindquarters unleashing their glorious plan. A sudden dewiness in my drawers prompted further investigation. Without wasting my curiousity, I rose from the floor. Proceeding towards my bathroom I come to a halt. Standing in my kitchen, that teary drip became a thermal tide, dousing my bum and thighs. . Forty minutes, and a roll and a half of toilet paper later, I'm squeezing out all the pus I can. The colors ranged from a mustard yellow, to a muddy red or bloody beige, to finally a bubbly translucence. There's some hair I take notice of in a few of the wipings. A good sign I hope. I'm choking on the putrid, sour, rotting remnants of my own necrotized flesh. I want to shower, but I decide to sterilize some tweezers, and pierce the now sealed up hole. I'm showing mercy to any bacteria. Offering the chance to flee before my immune system kicks their (_x_). Not much comes out, so I flushed the wound with a saline solution I had on hand, since I use to work with dogs and had been bitten before.
I shower. I stand up straight. What freedom and peace a respite from this pain can be. In my thoughts, Relief takes Euphoria by the hand, and they waltz off into the sunset.
After the shower, I try to disinfect the area thoroughly, and knowing that I may attempt another hot bath, then a bag of ice on the butt, I left the area uncovered. I eat the first satisfying meal in days, but keep the portions small. Each bite a savory morsel. I'm chewing purposefully, fighting my ravenous desires to devour everything. A half hour passes. I'm Exhausted. Sans affliction, I nod off. Waking up five hours later I feeling the best I have in nearly a week. And the best rested.
I know there's work left to do, but for now I am reveling in victory. If this confessional reaches some poor soul consumed by a particularly wretched infirmity, know that comfort will arrive. You are not alone. But you must show resilience and fortitude in combating this invader. A strong host dispels their assailants. All you need is will.

Happy Haunches
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One Week Later....

So, I just wanted to finish this up. This time last week, I was in tremendous pain. The simple act of standing up straight and walking was taxing and difficult. Now I am back at work. Comfortably, but cautiously sitting. Yesterday, one day after my boil erupted, I was bleeding a lot. The flow was steady, but very slowly. Maybe like an icicle just starting to drip. I had to clean myself from the blood leakage every other hour. Today, it's still coming but maybe every four hours I check on it. There is no pain, a little itching, but that's mostly from the dead skin peeling away. I have yet to apply any kind of healing ointments or lotions. I feel that the leakage is just a sign that it is cleaning itself out.
The initial hole that was left from the explosion was larger than a pencil. I could probably fit my pinkie finger into it. Today it is half or less than half of that size. The redness has largely gone away. Once it is entirely gone, I will probably remove as much hair as I can from my rear, taking special for the areas between my natal cleft and near my tailbone. This is my best immediate option. I am looking into buying one of those gelco seats. I am an avid kayak and canoe user, and have been for 5 years now. I live on a river and often take an hour ride after work when the weather permits. I've been on 7-8 hours trips in the past with no issues, no soreness of any kind, but the added protection and comfort should be well worth the risk of irritating the area.
I just wanted to thank everybody that's posted here, and the people who built the site and continue to work on it. I've learned so much, and it took the pain and worry away from my last flare up considerably. Special thanks to @Tonster and @krisrenee for answering a couple of my questions the other night.
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