Recommendation for best UK surgeon


I have been suffering from this shitty condition for about 4 years and it all started suddenly while I was still living in France. I had the classic drainage surgery with daily packing with a nurse for a month post surgery then I moved to the UK and it broke down again.
I'll cut it short as there is no need to get into the gruesome details that everybody is used to Im sure but recently, my surgeon (I say 'my' even though I've only met the guy twice over a year time) seems to think he should perform surgery on it to remove the pits. But I am unsure if he only wants to do the pit picking one or the flap lift one.
Anyway, the NHS is being rubbish, and although this surgeon is nice, I am interested in seeking a second opinion and was wondering if there is one or several surgeons that are the top guys in this department.
Is there a specialist over them all in the UK? My surgeon knows his stuff but isn't a pilonidal disease specialist.

Thanks all for your help and reco

PS: I live in Manchester.
Hi Pauline,

Miss Asha Senapati is regarded as one of the best in the UK (based in Portsmouth). She is very frank and to the point which is what you need with pilonidal disease.

She did a Cleft Closure on me around 5 weeks ago and have had little complication so far. I live in Devon so it is around a 3 hour journey - I would do it every time.

Let me know if you want any further details.

Just had another surgery done in Oxford at the John Radcliffe. My surgeon was awesome really good at his job although he's a plastic surgeon he knows a lot about the condition and is continually helping and checking. I actually have more surgery scheduled with him. Also the hospital is really clean and has great facilities. His name is Mr. Andy Pay you might be able to request a referral but waiting times are long and my condition was really bad and I got referred to him as not many others could have handled it.
I looked on here and got my GP to refer me to Mr Robin Gupta at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. I also saw a Mr Goodfellow there who really knew his stuff too. I called the hospital, asked to speak to Mr Gupta's secretary and he called me back himself. Definitely DEFINITELY get that second opinion! All the best