Recurrence 1 week after surgery. Can anyone relate??

Discussion in 'Pilonidal Discussions' started by psmm1, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    An extremely frustrating situation for myself - I had surgery 10 days ago now and I can tell it's back already. Has anyone else had a recurrence this quickly? They stitched up my wound, so maybe the sinus didn't run too deep, but it seems to me like the surgeon didn't remove it all. The sinus opening was a couple of cm's long and very close to my anus (probably 2cm away), the stitches start probably right on the sinus opening (or even a bit above) and go upwards from there. Now 10 days later I am getting blood discharge from the same place as before my surgery...

    A bit of background on myself - I am a 23 y/o male with a hairy bum and i sit all day in an office job, however I am not overweight, so it seems like I tick 3 out of 4 causes. My first symptoms of PS was 4-5 months ago. My only symptom back then was a blood discharge (only during bowel movements) from a sinus 2-3cm from my anus, there was no pain at all and originally i just thought it was a cut that wouldn't heal as it would stretch every time i had a bowel movement. After 3-4 weeks without it healing and the blood discharges getting worse I saw a GP. I ended up taking 4 courses of antibiotics prescribed from the GP before she referred me to a surgeon. In that time the only change was the discharges were getting heavier, there was pus also discharging and the blood/pus draining from the sinus had a foul smell. At this point I just wanted to have my surgery and be done with it. It was not until a couple of days ago googling PS recurrences that I found this forum and that it was quite common for recurrences.

    Not sure what I should do from here, I know my surgeon is going away on long service leave in a couple of days so there is basically no chance to have him look at it. Every story I have read so far people have a recurrence at the earliest 1 month after surgery, has anyone experienced a recurrence this quickly??
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    I hate that for you.
    Because yes I have been in your situation.
    I had the exact same surgery and within a week it was back.
    Closed excision isn't good surgery wise which sucks. I wish I would've known that before I even bothered with it.
    I would look into a cleft lift. They have a list of surgeons on this website who perform it and have had success with it.
    Don't bother with an open wound. I have that done as my second surgery and it led to another failure (not to mention packing a hole in your crack for months sucks).
    With the cleft lift its been a breeze recovery wise, I have had some infections which have set me back, but even with those, I have still continued to heal (I look to be getting close to being 100%).
    The average healing time is 4-8 weeks and the success rate is a little over 98%.
    Definitely look into it.
    If you have any other questions about the cleft lift or anything else don't hesitate to ask.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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