Recurrent sinus every 6weeks post open wound surgery


Thought to share for some advice,

Firstly I had a tiny lump which was a little away from the natal cleft, which usually inflame surrounding tissue and pain lead towards the tail bone. It was tiny and was drained by myself several times for a 3 months. But it kept recurring in few weeks and gp prescribed penicillin (antibiotics) which did work for another 2-3 occupancies.

Finally I went to see a surgeon and got operated and left an open wound which cured me well and fine and no issues for exactly 1 year. Tissues is a little high in the surface but perfectly healed hard.

Then I noticed the swelling at exactly the same spot after a prolonged sitting on metal bench, sort of lean position. So went to nhs surgeon to have slit on local anesthetic. But no debris or any visible faults found and sent home with ease of pain. Which thstarted to healed and was a completely sick after two weeks showing another swelling which completely took the pain threshold to the roof!!

Then surgery was performed on generic anaesthesia, to remove and present clean fresh open wound of 1-2cm long. After proper dressing for few days and then again it appeared to find swelling again exactly 6 weeks after previous surgery.

So I have been with this condition thrice in every previous 6 weeks. Still no confidence on giving it up, Already suspecting another swelling shortly.

Any advice welcome.

32yr Male
Hope your feeling better, its known to come back.
I suggest a cleft lift if it keeps coming back. Privately theres Miss. Asha Senapati portsmouth or Dr Carapeti in London, In the NHS im not too sure which doc does the cleft lift.