Rhomboid Flap

Has anyone had a Rhomboid flap surgery? What were results? Healing time? Reoccurrence?

18 year old son had open wound surgery 6/09 and 3/10. Surgery 3/10 would have been a cleft lift but not enough healthy tissue to make that happen. Of course he once again has had reoccurrence with a vengeance. Planning surgery later in July with Rhomboid flap procedure. Proctologist and plastic surgeon have coordianted a joint surgery. Worried about him healing quickly enough to start college in late August.

Note: 25+ years ago my husband, the 18 year old's father had 7 pc surgeries and skin grafts from thigh to finally heal.
We are now 12 days post surgery for my son's rhomboid flap surgery. After two prior open wound surgeries this has been a breeze. Orignal plan was he would stay in hosptial 2 days. He was out less than 24 hours after surgery. Staples and one drain tube were removed 7 days after surgery. The stitches and final drain tube will be removed in a couple of days. He has so much more mobility and less pain than after open wound surgeries.

Cleft lift was never an option for my son, there was not enough healthy tissue. Rhoboid flap takes the skin from the buttocks and replaces it over the cleft and surrounding area. Obliterating any crack leaving a long odd shaped scar the shape of a ? that fell backward.

For those of you with cleft lift failures, extreme cases or family history like we had this is another option not talked about very often. The proof will be several months from now if there is a reoccurance.