Sick with worry - has it returned after 9 years?


Quick summary of my journey with this awful condition - I had open surgery back in 2006 when I was 16 years old, in Cambridge, UK. I had an open surgery done, which took quite a long time to heal (around 5/6 months). I went skiing after it had closed, which caused it to reopen (!) and went through the healing process again. It finally closed up before I went to university in 2008 roughly. FYI Never really had any issues throughout healing like infections or anything like that.

In 2010 I had a couple of visits to the doctors as I thought something was wrong, sometimes the scar would split and it would sting quite a bit. I had an ultrasound which showed it hadn't returned (phew!)

I have since put on a bit of weight (could this be the issue?) and now in 2014 its flaring up again, in terms of my scar splitting. I'm really frustrated, as its been 9 years, surely it's come to an end now?

I have been to the doctors a couple of times, she said it is a superficial cut. This morning it was bleeding a lot (probably because I was poking around the sides to see if I could feel anything). The nurse this morning also said it was just a superficial cut and gave me some inadine dressings.

I can't help but feel something is wrong and its coming back - why won't it heal after all this time? Is it because I've put on weight, or cos sometimes I have to strain to go to the toliet, so the scar is splitting? I can't tell whether the pain is because its sore as its split, or because its coming back. Please help :( I have attached a photo, please take a look and see if you have had a similar experience. Also girls - do any of you find that its sometimes a bit sore when you're on your period/just a bit tender?

I also sweat a lot 'down there' when playing sports, what could I do to prevent this?

Many thanks,

Hi Nehaam,
What ever happened with your splitting scar? Did it ever heal? I'm in a similar situation right now and funny enough I'm also right at the 9 year mark.
Sorry for the late response.
It's been a lot worse over the last year or so and has been breaking down completely.
I had an open excision last year in March/April, which took a while to heal but still keeps breaking down. The surgeon (through Bupa) said he couldn't find anything wrong and really couldn't explain what was going on.
I went to see Dr Asha Senapati on Monday who said it appears as though I have two small sinuses that have reappeared. She's suggested the cleft lift procedure for me. Think I'm going to go ahead with it.