SNEEZING after surgery???

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yay i had my surgery yesterday, closed surgery. went VERY well, i had a spinal and a sedative (which knocked me out just as general anesthesia would) i felt fine when i woke up, except i couldnt feel anything below my waist, that lasted about an hour, then i was up and walking around fine.... they gave me vicodin for the pain. ive been taking 1pill every 4 hours, and im not in any pain what-so-ever. i feel like i could run a mile.
if anyone is still considering having the surgery, its so much easier than one of those flare ups.

after surgery i was constantly sneezing.... i have no idea why, i swear i sneezed atleast 30times within an hour. my surgeon said i may have had a minor allergic reaction.
anyone else have this crazy sneezing??? im still sneezing a lot, and runny nose, its driving me nuts....
I don't have the sneezing but totally have the runny nose!!! I don't know if it's from the block or from the sedatives, but I thought I was catching a cold because it was just running and running. Did you have the same thing after your last one with the C-Section?
I really had to keep myself from sneezing and coughing the first few days after surgery because my body tends to go into convulsions and it hurts my back.

Good to go now, though.
Did you have a spinal block too? I was thinking it may just be a reaction to this type of anesthetic. I've had general anesthesia before, as well as local, and neither of them gave me the runny nose like this one! Just out of curiosity, which type of surgery did you have?
yea i had spinal block for my c-section and the same thing with the sneezing and what just about to take the bandage off and wash the area, i had the closed incision. im scared lol havent looked at it yet. ahhhhh wish me luck! [:xx]
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