Sore Tailbone + infected Sinus - seeing a surgeon today - need support!

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I am 31 yr old mom, and I have had this sinus "flare up" on and off for years. About a month ago, my tailbone began to hurt, and has proceeded to get worse....I didn't fall, I didn't sit wrong, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it....yesterday, my sinus flared up, and I was scared that the two are related. So I went to the doc yesterday, and sure enough, she has me seeing surgeon today and I had Xrays earlier this morning.

I am so scared and nervous, and I just want to know - did any of you think that you had a bruised tailbone first??

Also - what should I expect for this first appointment, and how long will it be until I get the surgury (If I do need it)

[8)] Scared mom
not much help

sorry. I didn't think these things would show up on an x-ray? Your visit will be like a regular DRs. visit with the exception of your bottom being looked at. If you have to have surgery it will depend on when they can get you in. If they think it needs to be done ASAP then that is when they will do. However I don't think they can operate if it's infected. Someone with more knowledge will be along shortly. I'm anxious to see what they say about the x-rays. Good luck.
I just had my operation (open surgery) on the 9th, and the recouperating process has gone very well and I haven't really experienced any pain. The packing hurts a bit, but nothing else really does (even sitting.) It took about a month and a half of waiting between my last appointment with my surgeon and the surgery's date.

When I first noticed the problem, I was going to the bathroom, and I noticed that there was a ton of blood all over my toilet paper. I thought I had hemorroids, so my Mom made me an urgent appointment with our family doctor, the next day. He sent me to a surgeon and I chickened out on the surgery. I waited a year, and had it done this summer.

Good luck with everything - I hope it goes well.
Doctor's Report

OK, so I went to the doc and I was looking for him to say "You have PD and you need surgury" and what he said was "you have PD and it's your choice if you want durgury or not"

I explaind that my tailbone hurts, he said that my x-rays looked normal. He said that because this is not life threatening, he can't tell me what I should do. Either I opt in or opt out.

I like the doc, he is very nice. He explained that the surgury he performs will heal from the inside -out, so that is comforting.

What do you all think? I didn't want to make the choice, but now it's up to me....
If it still hurts, you should see a colon/rectal surgeon.

I am 26 and had my first ever "flare-up" back in May. For days I racked my brain trying to figure out what I'd done to my "tailbone" for it to hurt so much when I sat. I am a teacher, and by the second day, I was begging the school nurse for some pain killers and a special pillow. Two days later (no relief) I called my regular doc in TEARS (and I am a tough gal) with what I referred to as "severe tailbone pain." I didn't know what PD was.

He told me he thought I had a cyst and prescribed antibiotics. Two more trips to the doc (swelling kept getting worse and the infection was spreading to the surrounding tissues) he made me an emergency appointment to see a colon/rectal surgeon. I had my cyst incised and drained at the office and took baths twice daily and taped on some gauze. The pain was definitely lessened by having it drained.

My doctor advised surgery, so I had it done as soon as the school year was over. Am in my 5th week of healing, and am doing well (open procedure).

I advise seeking out a surgeon, especially if you're still in pain.

Good luck! (lemme know if you have any other questions!)
almost same boat as me

Almost same thing here. To make a long story short. My regular butt DR. told me the same thing. Said it was up to me, he didn't see the cyst however his partner did because he is the one who lanced it. My regular butt DR. said no Packing, what about yours?

Thank you all for answering my post by the way!!:D

Ok, so the doc I saw that said it is up to me - he is a surgeon.

What I did was download Dr. Bascom's updated paper from 1980. He updated it this year. It explains SO much, his theories, treatments and his procedures. I faxed this to the surgeon and asked 1) are you familar with Dr. John Bascom and his methods 2) do you perform his method?

Still awaiting to hear from him.... I'll let you know

This is the best explanation of the current theory of causes of Pilonidal Disease. Originally written in 1980, Bascom has updated this article for 2006.
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