Southern Indiana surgeons

Hi all, I am considering surgery and had a date on the calendar this month with Dr Richard Graffis in Indianapolis but postponed it after I read about the long recovery times as I was concerned about work conflicts. I have now learned he is probably retiring at the end of the year but I have a new date in December so I'm pretty conflicted. He seems great and offers the closed wound option first, to be followed by an open wound option if that doesn't "take." (I'm sure I'm using the wrong terminology here but hopefully you'll know what I mean!) I haven't seen any reviews here (which may be a good thing?) nor does his name appear on the PDF list of surgeons so I'm just curious if anyone has any experience of him or of any other surgeon at his practice as I would presumably have to go to another surgeon if things went awry after the operation. I'm very reluctant to go the surgical route but have had two flareups in the last six months, the first (in March) painful and the second (in June) agony though it was quickly cleared up with antibiotics and I now only have a little discomfort around menstruation. Most grateful for any thoughts or insights anyone has to share.