Special Coccyx Cushion Offer from Gelco


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The kind people at Gelco looked at their data and realized that a significant number of their orders were coming from this site, so they have generously offered Pilonidal patients a 15% discount on their products.

Offer code: pilo15

Website: http://www.gelcoproducts.com/
Just received my cushion and I am very happy with it and would highly recommend it to everyone especially those who suffer or have suffered from this disease.
Are these worth it / do they really help? My cyst is starting to abscess for the second time, and I plan on getting a cleft lift procedure sometime in the next year. Seems like this could help during all that.

Thanks! I'd get their middle version.
Just got mine today ... . loving it... I got the gseat ultra as I am a bigger guy.... I feel confident to sit.
Does anybody know a good pillow that delivers in Mexico? I see great offers at amazon but most of them don't deliver here. And the one's that do aren't memory foam, what I think it's a must have....thank you