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    Dear Members,

    I'm just here to say that some Doctor's and I, have opened up a Spinal Clinic.

    Dr. Tony A. Cummings, D.C., B.B.A.
    Graduated from Texs Chiropractic College at Dallas City in 1984.
    Also attended: Kansas State University, Wichita State University.
    Additional degrees: Bachelors of Business Administration, Doctor of Chiropractic.

    You can visit our temporary website at: www.spinalclinic.co.nr
    or call us at (323) 608-1519

    Our consultation appointments are priced as follows:
    New Appointments $100 (30 minutes)
    Follow-Up Appointments $20 (15 minutes)

    If you make an appointment by Dec 1st to January 1st, you will be eligible to include in the Special Offer:Full chiropractic evaluation for $29.00 (full price $100.00)

    Visit us at www.spinalclinic.co.nr and find out more!

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