St Patty's Pit Picking =)

Day 14 Post Op - I feel pretty good. No more stinging when water hits me (stopped some time last week). I think that's b/c the cut above the stitches is all healed up. I'm excited to get the stitches taken out this Friday. Still a little sore and tender. It also doesn't hurt that much when I switch sides in bed when I'm sleeping. From the pictures below, the wound is now pretty open all on it's own. Still washing it out twice a day in the shower w/ ONLY water and packing it. And I'm also still drinking two protein shakes a day (in addition to my high protein lifestyle). Total protein intake is about 100g daily.
Great to hear you're doing so well! Soreness and tenderness is to be expected for a while for a cut that deep so hang in there! Quick question though, what do you mean by the "wound is open all on its own"? And how do you feel sitting down (both with and without cushion) since your last posts?
Thanks KS95. What I meant is that in the latest pictures, it's looks wide open. My husband doesn't have to pull it apart for you to see the inside. I don't know if it's a good/bad thing but just something I observed from the pictures he took for me. Sitting is good, I don't use the cushion unless I'm in the car. I sit about 2 hours a day but not all at once. I lean on my right hip/side, sit with my legs kinda crossed underneath me, or I sit on my upper thighs/lower butt w/ my back straight. No Pain at all. Unless I recline back, I don't really put pressure on my wound when I sit. When I recline, there is some slight pain. Hope that helps! Do you have any more info on when your getting your procedure done? In the UK, do you have to wait a really long time for the surgery or can you schedule it fairly quickly?
Oh, I can definitely see that the wound looks slightly more open now than it did before. Maybe you should ask your surgeon about this?

My surgery is next Monday and the doc said I'll be having it under local with sedation. I should have had it done yesterday but didn't have anyone to drive me so had to reschedule :( In terms of waiting lists etc over here, it varies. If I were to decide to go through the NHS (basically the free healthcare system) then I'd have to wait months to even get a consultation, then a further few months to get the op done. However I decided to pay privately which is expensive as hell but you can have it much much sooner! Even though it's crazy expensive for a teenager to pay I'd much rather get this horrid disease over with sooner rather than later!

Keep the recovery going! Take care
Yeah I'll ask him Friday when he takes out my stitches. I think it's just b/c the wound started to heal from the inside so it's opening up a bit. I'm not too worried. I don't feel any different and the dressing my husband put in there stays in there.

Good luck! It's a good investment! Even with our health insurance I still had to pay close to $3k out of pocket. It sucks BUT I think the results afterwards (having a pilo free life) are well worth it! I would have easily paid the $15k that Razzy (a Canadian, who went to San Fran for the cleft lift and paid outta pocket for the whole thing) paid just to be pilo free for sure. It's just money and having a healthy body is the most important! You can always work to cover the expense but if you're body's not well, then working can a nightmare.
Day 18 Post op was yesterday. Had my drs. appt and got the stitches taken out. That made a huge difference! No more tightness around the midline. I have a little few holes where the stitches were but they'll fill up soon. The hair from being shaved right before the surgery is starting to grow back so my husband has to keep an eye out and make sure no hairs get into the wound. Kinda nervous about trimming the hair when I have an open wound but we'll figure something out. Just about 3 weeks out from an extensive pit picking and I almost feel normal again. I go back to the drs in a month.
wow that's great news! the wound seems to be filling up too which is good news :) There seems to be a larger hole around the smaller stitch holes, is that where your excised pit was? Great to hear you're feeling normal again, i just can't wait to get mine over and done with!
The visible hole is where one of the stitches was. But yeah the pit was in that general area. I'll have to compare it to the pre op pics. Hopefully it'll close up quickly. Don't want anything to have a chance to get in there and cause future problems. =)
Hey Ellysparkles hope you're doing well :)

how's the recovery coming along? Have those small holes where the stitches were closed over? I'm presuming the depth of your open wound is reducing too, so hopefully you're coming to the end of the recovery process!
Doing good over here. Thanks KS95! I think I over did it on Day 21 (this past monday). Hubs and I had a date night at the movies. Even though the movie theater had these new leather electronic reclining chairs, I couldn't really get comfortable. I wore my skinny jeans so that could have been an issue too. Kinda been more sore these past few days. Otherwise everything is coming along nicely. It's slowly healing up. Still pretty deep but my husband says he sees a difference in the wound now. YAY! =) I think I still have a good month of packing though. But I def. see the light at the end of the tunnel!
As far as the stitch hole, my husband said it still looked the same. I'll take more pics on Monday (4 weeks post op) and compare them to see if there's any difference.
That's great news :) seems like you're back to your normal life pre-pilonidal which is good to hear! I personally can't wait to get back to normal, go back to Uni, hang with friends, road trips etc!
Running a bit behind with photos. I'm currently 4 weeks post op and I'm still cleaning and packing the wound twice a day. No pain, no soreness/tenderness. The only time it's slightly sore is when I have skinny jeans on (which is when I go out, rarely). They're a bit snug with the outside dressings, so there's some pressure on the wound. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty normal. =) My husband says there's still a deep pocket that he has to clean but it's healing pretty well. I'm hoping that in a month I won't have to pack it anymore *fingers crossed*

Week 3 Post Op

Week 4 Post Op
Wound looks great and doesn't even look that deep anymore! What's the discharge like now? And that small hole's still present :( does that look like the hole's filling up?

*edit* sorry forgot to ask about your initial depth of the wound. My nurse said mine's just under 3cm deep and I was wondering if yours was like that (or close). Because if so, then I can use your recovery experience as a yardstick for my own :)
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I actually never got the measurements. I'll have to ask my dr for them. But I do remember going in for the follow up the next day after surergy and both my husband and mom were shocked how deep it went. I heard gasps and oh my God. Something you should never want to hear when you can't see anything!!!..totally had me freaking out. Haha funny now but SOO not funny then.

The pocket is still there. My husband just worries a little bc everything else is healing and closing in it. He has to put against stuff to get some of the Qtip in there. So it's not filling in as quickly as everything else around it. If that makes sense.

The only discharge I have is on the inside bandage. It's still moist and not dry yet. There's a very bright yellow discharge. I think it's just serous fluid. It has a smell when I get it close to my nose but NOTHING anywhere near smelling like infection (tmi maybe? Haha).

As it is, the recovery isn't bad now. I still get a bit tired more quickly than before. Just bc my body is healing. It's just annoying at this point.
Look great! eeeexxccceeeepppttt.. and Im going to sound like broken record….;)

you need to get rid of the hair, I can see some there. Ask your husband if he can pluck them for you. Or if you want you can practice some 'flexible-ninja-self plucking-hair-in-awkward-area's-moves' like me…. totally worth it.. even though I have dislocated my shoulder in the process.

but seriously, there can be zero hair there. regardless of how small or fine they are x
You're def. not a broken record Nick! I appreciate you keeping me in line. haha I'll get it taken care of tonight. I think I would do serious damage if I tried to do it myself (like you with the dislocated shoulder). Though I'm an athlete (soccer and volleyball), I'm no gymnast or ninja. =)
You're def. not a broken record Nick! I appreciate you keeping me in line. haha I'll get it taken care of tonight. I think I would do serious damage if I tried to do it myself (like you with the dislocated shoulder). Though I'm an athlete (soccer and volleyball), I'm no gymnast or ninja. =)

Week 7 Post Op - Please excuse the photo. It's a little bit blurry. It's closing up from the sides but it still runs deep. Saw my surgeon today for another follow up (it was a month between this time). Says it looks very healthy and that I just need to keep packing it twice a day. He said it should start healing from the bottum and get more shallow. Hopefully I won't need to pack it anymore. I have my next follow up with him in 3.5 weeks. Since I still have an open wound, my husband and I are hesitant to trim the hair with a trimmer or shave (paranoid about getting hair inside the wound). He's tweezed as many as he could but hasn't gotten all of them yet. I do miss using a loofa in the area. I think that exfoliating helps a HUGE deal with not getting ingrown hairs and also keeping the area clean of dead skin, etc. It's def. a slow healing process but I'm pretty much back to normal activities. I've been out and about and you can't tell I have a padded butt. =) Sitting isn't an issue at all. I can sit with or w/o the pilonidal cushion and I'm fine.

Week 7